Crozier Head, Saint Michael Trampling the Serpent
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Title: Crozier Head, Saint Michael Trampling the Serpent Culture: early Christian Date: 2nd quarter in 13th century Provenience: Limoges, France Material: copper-gilt and champlev? enamel Measurements: 10 ? x 2 7/8 x 5 ? in. As a symbol of jurisdiction and authority of high ranking catholic prelates, the crozier or known as pastoral staff at […]

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Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God
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Damned or not Damned! A unique look at “Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God” You are nothing but a mouse before the eyes of an almighty being who is extremely ticked off! Have you ever wondered if your life has upset the Lord? Well the sermon of Jonathan Edwards,“Sinners in the Hands of […]

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God Puritans Saint Sinners
Art History Example
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Reading Response #1: Visiting the Saints The title of the chapter, Visiting Saints, is a great representation of what the chapter is actually about. The chapter gives a clear description of the pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela. Along the route, pilgrims would stop at the churches that have been dedicated to saints. While reading, […]

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Developing Christlike Attributes
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During my professional life as an airline pilot, passengers sometimes visited the cockpit of my aircraft. They asked about the many switches, instruments, systems, and procedures and how all this technical equipment would help such a huge and beautiful airplane fly. I would explain that it takes a great aerodynamic design, many auxiliary systems and […]

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Archangel Uriel The Wisdom Of God Theology Religion
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The Archangel Uriel is one of the four archangels that rule over the four corners of the Earth. The other three are Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael. Uriel is the least mentioned of these four archangels, if he is mentioned at all. Harmonizing to some traditions, there are seven archangels. But even in these histories, these […]

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Angel Change Christianity Saint Theology Wisdom