Improving Organization Retention Narrative
1313 words 3 pages

An organization has to ensure that they have an amicable environment, in which all the stakeholders operate. This will ensure that an organization gets the best out of their employees and the workers can stay in the company and enjoy their services for a longer period than if they would not have done so. Challenges […]

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Employment Organizational Behavior Retention Work
Improving Organization Retention
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The company should also speak with the employees on how they feel about heir Job (Spector, 2008). An organization that can create a friendly atmosphere for the employees will have a better chance of keeping them. The ultimate goal here is to retain employees and try to keep them from wanting to leave the organization […]

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Employment Job Satisfaction Motivation Retention
The Employee Retention System of Boeing Company
818 words 2 pages

Boeing Company is the biggest manufacturer of commercial airplanes and military aircraft in the world. It dominates over fifty percent of the international market for jet airliners and is the top supplier of military jets and helicopters. Today, it is the leading exporter in the US (Microsoft Encarta, n.d). Tracing the Roots of Boeing Boeing […]

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Aviation Boeing Employee Retention Transport
Customer Retention in Telecom Industry
1883 words 4 pages

The landscape of the telecommunication industry in Sri Lanka has been changed drastically since the deregulation of telecommunication sector in early 1990s. Number of service providers has been increased from one, i. e state monopoly, to more than 70 within a short period of time. With the increased competition telecom service providers find it difficult […]

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Customer Loyalty Retention Telecommunication
Effects of Text Emphasis Techniques on Memory Retention
1992 words 4 pages

To enhance the amounts of information retrieved, as well as giving focus on important part of notes, students often do highlighting, circling, and underlining. Those three methods are called text-emphasizing. Recent studies have shown that the techniques could help the students to retrieve and store more information compared to students who do not use such […]

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Epistemology Experiment Memory Retention
The factors effecting key employee retention
3945 words 8 pages

The competition to retain the key employees is ferocious. It has become really important to retain the key employees as they are the people who help the administration to accomplish its strategic concern aims. When an employee is hired a important cost is incurred behind the hiring procedure but still cost is non the ground […]

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Employee Employment Human Resource Management Job Satisfaction Retention
The Critical Need For Employee Retention Business
4011 words 8 pages

“ The concern environment is altering more quickly and that is increasing the demand for pull offing the velocity of alteration maintaining the demands of clients and involvements of the employees and organisation in position. ” Vashistha, ( 2007:7-8 ) Above citation high spots the fact that the universe is altering with every passing minute. […]

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Employee Employment Research Retention Work
What retention strategies can be used by fast food companies
2693 words 6 pages

Introduction: Over the past decennary, volatility in the planetary economic system has forced concerns to re-evaluate operating assumeptions and fiscal prognosiss. The force per unit area on concerns today is further increased by a market where the client acquisition rate is decelerating, client trueness is diminishing and gross revenues rhythms are lengthening. In such an […]

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Employment Fast Food Human Resources Retention Work
Fostering Relationships To Increase Teacher Retention
2054 words 4 pages

The survey was carried out by Waddell. J.H in her coroneted Fostering Relationships to Increase Teacher Retention in Urban Schools. The chief aim of this article is the critical scrutiny of the constituents that cause instructors to stay learning in urban schools past the five twelve-month abrasion grade. Besides, this work focused on keeping of instructors […]

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Education Relationship Research Retention Teacher Writer
Tanglewood Case Study-Manager Retention
1512 words 3 pages

Retention of managerial employees at Tanglewood is extremely important to the organization, their mission, and the organizational culture that Tanglewood values. As the organization continues to exponentially grow; their staffing and recruitment processes and procedures have not been integrated to focus on retention management. This paper will examine the relationship between managerial performance and turnover, […]

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Employment Motivation Retention Work
The Effect of the Amount of Subject Matter on Retention
715 words 2 pages

Memory is one of the important functions of the human mind. But usually, it is often overlooked, unless needed. We usually do not think about memory unless we really need to retrieve or recall important details. Often times, people think about memory only when it fails them. Memory is the process by which an organism […]

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Epistemology Information Memory Retention
Concept Paper: Nurse Retention Strategies
2411 words 5 pages

Shortage of nurses in various working environments where there are needed is a worldwide economic and health care issue. In foreign countries such as the United States, the Health Resources and Services Administration have reported a critical shortage of nurses which was projected to worsen up to 20% by 2015 and 29% by 2020 (as […]

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Health Health Care Nurse Nursing Retention

Popular Questions About Retention

What do you mean retention?
1 : the act of continuing to possess, control, or hold moisture retention. 2 : the power or ability to keep or hold something memory retention. retention.
What is retention in the workplace?
Employee retention is how you combat turnover. Employee retention is an organization's ability to keep its employees. ... For example, an annual retention rate of 80% indicates an organization kept 80% of its employees that year and lost 20%. It's natural for organizations to experience turnover.May 14, 2018
What's another word for retention?
In this page you can discover 21 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for retention, like: reservation, remembrance, withholding, retentiveness, recall, detention, maintenance, holding, recognition, recollection and custody.
What is an example of retention?
Retention is the act or condition of keeping or containing something. An example of retention is a dam holding back a river. An example of retention is someone being held in a rehabilitation center. An example of retention is memory.