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Portable Touch Screen Essay Example
717 words 2 pages

Thus the product will be conducive to ransom any screen or surface to a touch screen and hence the name ‘Portable Touch Screen’. The underlying technology used Is surface acoustic waves (SAW). The wave propagates on the surface and gets readily attenuated if interfered by soft objects. Mall parts of the system Includes two transmitting […]

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Budziszewski’s The Second Tablet Project: An Analysis Essay Example
904 words 2 pages

In “The Second Tablet Project,” J. Budziszewski explores the reasons why there is a need to connect morality with God or, at the least, why the relationship between morality and religion—especially the belief in God—is important. Budziszewski proposes two ways of inquiring about the connection between the Second Tablet of the Decalogue and morality: one […]

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iPod product Essay Example
497 words 1 page

In November 2001, Apple launched its iPod product which is a digital, portable music player with a capacity of about 1,000 songs (The Guts of a New Machine, 2003). The iPod includes software that lets you organize the music on your computer and then take it around with you. In developing this product, Apple’s emphasis […]

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Sample Technical Writing Mechanism Description
841 words 2 pages

This Document is designed for entrepreneurs who want a portable computer, but students may also take interest, because some of their needs are similar to those of business people. Also, the purpose of the description is to inform the audience by providing a comprehensive informative document on how this particular mechanism works, and the description […]

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Popular Questions About Portable Computer

What do you call a portable computer?
The earliest PCs designed for easy transport were called portables. As the size and weight of most portables decreased, they became known as laptop computer and later as notebook computer. Today, larger transportable computers continue to be called portable computers.
What are some examples of portable computers?
Types of Portable Computers. Notebook computers and portable devices are examples of portable computers. There are several different types of mobile computing devices. A notebook (or laptop) is a portable version of a desktop system. It often has similar hardware and runs similar software.
Who developed first portable computer?
The first portable computer was created in April 1981 by a company called Osborne, led by a journalist turned entrepreneur named Adam Osborne.
Does PC stand for portable computer?
A portable computer is a computer that has been designed to be easily transported from one location to another. These computers contain a separate display and keyboard. They can also be referred to as a mobile computer, a portable workstation, a portable personal computer (PC), a lunchbox computer or a luggable computer.