Ponzi Scheme Essay Examples

UK’s FCA Issues Warning Against SolidTrustPay

The FCA, which is the financial services authority of the United Kingdom and was formerly called FSA, has issued a warning against the Canada based SolidTrustPay company.SolidTrustPay is a payment processor that is mainly used by fraudsters and HYIP Ponzi schemes, such as Bannersbroker, Uinvest and the already shut down Zeek Rewards Ponzi scheme. On […]

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Profitable Sunrise Ponzi Scheme Emerges After Zeek Collapse

After a huge ponzi scheme called “Zeek Rewards” has been shut down last year, a HYIP ponzi scheme called “Profitable Sunrise” is now getting bigger, as lots of Zeek victims, including ponzi pitchmen, switched over to the new program. This is once again an example how blind people can be, as they are falling for […]

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Panama Issues Warning Regarding Felmina Alliance HYIP Ponzi Scam

Some time ago I reported about the collapse of a HYIP Ponzi scheme called “Felmina Alliance”, operating under the domain name “felmina.com”. One U.S. state had issued a warning back then. Felmina Alliance claimed to be based in Panama. Now the Superintendency of the Securities market of the Republic of Panama (SMV), has issued an […]

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Matthew J. Gagnon Arrested For Promoting HYIPs

It seems like nearly everyone who is participating in the so-called “HYIP industry” thinks that promoting HYIPs is completely risk free and feds are only going after those who are operating such schemes. As the recent arrest of Matthew J. Gagnon is showing, this is not true at all and feds will go after everyone […]

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Bannersbroker Ponzi Scheme Preparing Closure?

I already reported several times about the Bannersbroker Ponzi scheme. The last report was about their event going on in the UK, which appeared to be nothing more than the usual brainwashing events Ponzi schemes with public exposure are all doing. As usually there was not much of a value for participants, except nice speeches […]

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Trendon Shavers Charged For Ponzi Scheme

Trendon Shavers from Texas was arrested for running a $4.5 million Ponzi Scam. While most people are convinced that Bitcoin will make it in the long run, some sincerely believe that the crypto currency’s days are numbered. One of the main reasons behind this is how the technology makes it very easy for scam artists […]

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