The Gettysburg Address
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The Gettysburg Address is a very well-known speech in the history of the United States of America. The speech was uttered on the 19th of November 1863 by U.S. President Abraham Lincoln. During this time, the country was experiencing the civil war. Lincoln spoke at the dedication of the Soldiers’ National Cemetery in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. […]

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Abraham Lincoln American Civil War Gettysburg Government
Battle of Gettysburg and Union
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The Battle of Gettysburg was the turning point of the American Civil War. This is the most famous and important Civil War Battle that occurred on July 1st-3rd 1863 in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. More importantly Gettysburg was the clash between the two major American Cultures of their time: the North and the South. The Confederacy had […]

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A Comparison Of The Gettysburg Address By
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The 2 speeches that I will try to compare were both speeches that were deep and meaningful also they were both conveying a message of a democratic revolution. They were both said In front of a large audience and both speakers were very important in their own respect and manner.Reason for speechIn this section I […]

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Gettysburg Linguistics Reason
A Proposal to Reduce Mortality and Morbidity in Pennsylvania Motorcyclists
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Introduction Currently in the United States there are two groups in the arena of motorcycle safety equipment. One group regards safety equipment as one’s individual rights and freedoms. That group has lobbied state governments since 1976 when congress struck down the national helmet requirement. Many members of that group hold to the “biker” image and […]

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The Quakers and the American Revolution
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Synopsis: This paper illustrates and defines the plight of the Quakers and their impact on the American Revolution. Through documented research, this paper will also examine the history and existence of the Quakers during this revolutionary period. The Quakers and the American Revolution Like other civil wars, the American Revolution asked ordinary people to chose […]

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American Revolution Pennsylvania War
Pennsylvania during Colonial America
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It has been argued by many that Pennsylvania was the place to be for a poor man in colonial America. Whether this is factual or not is something historians have had much debate over. There are several different reasons why conclusions over the issue are questionable. In Hollitz chapter 3, the text states that one […]

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