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Analyse The Ending Ambiguous And The Essay Example
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Towards the end of the novel as Vernon faces the death penalty for a crime he didn’t commit, he has an outer body experience. The ending is indefinite as the reader is left questioning whether Vernon is alive or dead. The uncertainty of Vernon’s fate is worth exploring.From chapter twenty-six onwards, a chain of events […]

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France Will Not Extradite if Death Penalty Is Possible Essay Example
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Court to Review Death Penalty for Mentally Retarded (Mar 26, 2001) Death Penalty Reform (Mar 12, 2001) Public Lives: A Proud and Unwavering Believer in the Death Penalty (Feb 10, 2001) Find more related articles by selecting from the following topics: fficials in the United States face a significant legal snag before they can bring […]

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Deterrence Essay Example
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Bang! Bang! Another victim lies dead on the cold, hard asphalt. Another person dies for no reason at all. If the killer is caught and brought to justice he may be faced with the death penalty, or he may have to go to jail for the remainder of his life. There are many debates in […]

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Popular Questions About Penalty

Is penalty a noun?
1. countable noun [usually singular] A penalty is a punishment that someone is given for doing something which is against a law or rule. One of those arrested could face the death penalty.
What is penalty in math?
Penalty method. A penalty method replaces a constrained optimization problem by a series of unconstrained problems whose solutions ideally converge to the solution of the original constrained problem. The unconstrained problems are formed by adding a term, called a penalty function, to the objective function that consists
What is a synonym for penalty?
Synonyms for Penalty: n. • amercement, mulct. • interdict, interdiction, sanction. •deserts (noun) compensation, revenge, punishment, payment, chastening, requital, chastisement. •forfeit (noun) loss. •justice (noun) redress, reparation, sanction, sentence, correction.
What is the penalty for?
English Language Learners Definition of penalty : punishment for breaking a rule or law : a disadvantage or difficulty you experience : a punishment or disadvantage given to a team or player for breaking a rule in a game