Studebaker Corporation
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The Studebaker Corporation had a 114 year history as a successful car company. It was only after severe financial problems that the company went out of business in 1966. Studebaker Blacksmithing was established by the Studebaker brothers – Henry and Clement in 1852 Indiana. By 1868 a third brother had joined the business and the […]

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Popular Questions About Packard

Why did Packard go out of business?
Losing Briggs Body Packard was known for making the finest automobile bodies in America, but to save costs it decided to farm out its body development to Briggs Manufacturing in the 1940s. In 1952, Chrysler bought out Briggs, agreeing to continue providing bodies to Packard through 1954, when Packard's contract ended.Jul 23, 2018
Who owns the Packard brand?
PACKARD HOLDINGS the registered owner of the Packard Name Trademark for automobiles and parts. The Company licenses various companies to use the Packard name, and the Company also manufactures and markets Packard branded automobile parts.
What happened to the Packard automobile company?
With sales dwindling by the 1950s, Packard merged with the much larger Studebaker Corporation in the hope of cutting its production costs. ... Though the company would continue to manufacture cars in South Bend, Indiana, until 1958, the final model produced on June 25, 1956, is considered the last true Packard.