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This module discussed the importance of communication. One of the goals of GCU is to help you to effectively communicate throughout your life. Access and view the “Communication Tool” located in the Additional Resources Folder in Canyon Connect. All of these resources discuss how to communicate effectively with others. Why is it important to communicate […]

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Popular Questions About Nonviolent Communication

What is Nonviolent Communication and why is it so important?
Nonviolent CommunicationTM or NVC, is a process for creating the quality of connection out of which people more easily resolve conflicts, prevent misunderstandings, and tap into a natural generosity that happens spontaneously when relationships are positive. As you will see, we can use NVC in communication even though it is about so much more.
What are the four steps of Nonviolent Communication?
The four components of nonviolent communication. The signals we receive from our body alerting us to the state of our needs.• Feelings are composed of physical sensations (e.g. tight jaw, queasy stomach, smile, etc.) and/or emotions (e.g. sad, glad, mad, disappointment, frustration, guilt, etc.).Key Distinction: Feeling vs.
What are people saying about nonviolent communication?
Nonviolent Communication is a world-famous, proven, time-tested methodology for:Creating exceptional personal and professional relationships,Offering compassionate understanding to others (and knowing when and how to ask for it ourselves),Preventing and resolving misunderstandings and conflicts,Speaking our truth in a way that is clear, powerful, and more likely to lead to harmony than conflict,More items...
What is non violent communication?
Non violent communication is a method that creates relationships based on empathy, compassion, cooperation and harmonious respect for self and others.