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ISDN vs. Cable Modems
2962 words 6 pages

Introduction The Internet is a network of networks that interconnects computers around the world, supporting both business and residential users. In 1994, a multimedia Internet application known as the World Wide Web became popular. The higher bandwidth needs of this application have highlighted the limited Internet access speeds available to residential users. Even at 28.8 […]

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Computer Network Internet Telecommunications
On September 10, 1996, Rockwell Semiconductor Syst Essay Example
5023 words 10 pages

ems shocked the communications industry with its announcement of a revolutionary new dial up modem technology for communicating across the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) at rates up to 56 Kbps*. Since that time, Rockwells 56Kbps technology has been supported and adopted by most of the communications related companies in the world as the way […]

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Computer Science Database Information Age Telecommunications
Comparing three b2b or b2c web strategies
5273 words 11 pages

I. Introduction The worldwide network of computers, called “Internet”, provides opportunities for a company to do business in cyberspace. Organisations find it more and more important to represent them on the Internet to get more customers, to increase the public’s awareness of the companies and their products, and to sell more of their products. However, […]

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Internet Marketing Technology Telecommunications
Television Fundamentals 12859 Essay Example
3425 words 7 pages

In this report on television I will discuss television signals, the components the make up a television, and how a television produces the picture and sound for the final output. The sound carrier is at the upper end of the spectrum. Frequency modulation is used to impress the sound on the carrier. The maximum frequency […]

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Broadcasting Optics Telecommunications Television
Processes of Transferring, Receiving and Processing Information Using Technologies Essay Example
3497 words 7 pages

Computer and telephone networks inflict a gigantic impact on today’s society. From letting you call John in Calgary to letting you make a withdraw at your friendly ATM machine they control the flow of information. But today’s complicated and expensive networks did not start out big and complicated but rather as a wire and two […]

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Communication Electronics Telecommunications Telephone
Cisco Tag Switching 18513
975 words 2 pages

Abstract The ever-increasing growth of the Internet and corporate Intranets are presenting a serious challenge to service providers and equipment vendors. This paradigm shift has transformed the way the world does business and defines new requirements for any business that wants to gain a competitive edge. Service providers, especially, are faced with the challenge of […]

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Computer Network Computer Science Hardware Router Technology Telecommunications
Computer Crime 3403
3005 words 6 pages

It’s the weekend, you have nothing to do so you decide to play around on your computer. You turn it on and then start up, you start calling people with your modem, connecting to another world, with people just like you at a button press away. This is all fine but what happens when you […]

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Crime Cybercrime Information Age Telecommunications
Target market Nokia Essay Example
1447 words 3 pages

In this essay we will go through the various details and characteristics of the Nokia 9500 smart phone and the possibilities this product has in any market in the world. To reach a clear idea about the product, we will also go through the kind of customers this unit is supposed to serve and in […]

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Computer Software Nokia Smartphone Target Market Telecommunications
IT Security Persuasive Essay Example
2363 words 5 pages

In recent times, people have become more technology oriented and a higher level of computer-Internet and human interface has been observed. It may be information or data exchange, banking or online shopping, people regularly share their personal or confidential data through Internet. Although it has added a lot of conveniences to human lives but Internet […]

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Computer Network Internet Security Telecommunications
AOL – Time Warner Merger Essay Example
2539 words 5 pages

AOL – Time Warner MergerIn the recent past, there has been a wave of merger-mania, both in the United States and in europe. The merger of the Millennium is between America on Line and Time Warner. The AOL Time Warner deal represents the joining of the Old Media with the New Media. Not only is […]

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Database Internet Telecommunications
The Rise and Fall of Iridium Essay Sample
1194 words 3 pages

Questions1. Who was to fault for Iridium’s failure? Why? At what point could you hold known Iridium would neglect?2. What is your rating of Iridium’s system design? What impact did the picks that were made have on subsequent development of the venture?3. What is your rating of Iridium’s organisational design? What alterations could you hold […]

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Finance Investing Motorola options Telecommunications Telephone
Risk Threat Vulnerability
409 words 1 page

Denial of service attack on organization DMZ and e-mail serverLAN –WANHigh Remote communications from home office LAN server OS has a known software vulnerability User downloads and clicks on an unknown unknown e-mail attachment Workstation browser has software vulnerability Mobile employee needs secure browser access to sales order entry system Service provider has a major […]

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Database Risk Telecommunications
For customers
824 words 2 pages

For customers, the most important value is giving them what they want at a price they can afford. With an ever-growing national reliance on internet connectivity, that means getting the customer fast, reliable internet service at an affordable price. From a customer service standpoint, the price is often less important than the reliability, real or […]

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Customer Information Age Information Technology Telecommunications
Technical Goals and Constraints
290 words 1 page

Having a high performance network is Verizon’s main ongoing technical goal. With a significantly large customer-base and employee-base, it is extremely important that the network performs at its best to provide the customer community as well as the employees with an overtly satisfactory experience. Ultimately they would like to be able to provide efficient and […]

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Computer Science Goals Information Technology Telecommunications
An Evaluation on Factors That Influence the Choice of a Mobile Telecommunications Service Provider
1832 words 4 pages

This research used descriptive statistics for data analysis and discussions. The results of the study revealed that customers’ selection of which mobile telecommunications service providers to use is influenced by overall service quality, free calls and free SMSs, network capability, reliability of service, network innovativeness, low rate charges, accessibility, promotions with discount, geographic network coverage, […]

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Behavior Consumer behaviour Marketing Telecommunication Telecommunications
2824 words 6 pages

Chapter five 5.0 VIDEO QUALITY OF SERVICE It is easier to understand the QoS issues associated with video traffic on the internet through the understanding of the VoIP. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) seeks to break the difficulties of traditional VoIP and Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTN) networks through the increased optimization of the network […]

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Computer Network Qualities Quality Of Service Service Telecommunications
Better resources management
2885 words 6 pages

Chapter Three QoS Frameworks Given the fact that the modern internet connects to several administrative domains, end-to-end QoS can be ensured by the concatenation of the domain-to-domain data forwarding, which turn can use three separate frameworks. These include (i) over provisioning (ii) better resources management that includes traffic control and generic switch architectures as well […]

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Computer Network Management Quality Of Service Telecommunications
Cyber Security Case Study: Pure Land Wastewater Treatment
3091 words 6 pages

Introduction Every organization should use the industrial control system to ensure the success of their departments and ensure the ultimate success of critical operations within the premise. Since such organizations will rely on the services of these agencies, it is necessary to have the right strategies in place that will result in the security of […]

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Computer Science Information Age Network Topology Security
Security Management Example Narrative
695 words 2 pages

There are however some limitations of this technology, and they are a small drawback to what is a very efficient and secure networking technology. The technology works very well at preventing eavesdropping or data manipulation in between endpoints however the standards which have been set do not prevent anyone from setting up a certificate, or […]

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Information Age Information Technology Management Security Telecommunications
Data Link Layer Analysis
549 words 2 pages

What is the data link layer The data link layer is the second layer of the seven layer of the Open System Interconnection (OSI) model of the computer networking. The layer is fundamentally a convention layer which transmits information between two system clients in a system fragment. The layer has a few parts in a […]

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Computer Network Database Networking Technology Telecommunications
BlackBerry and the mobile business
3263 words 7 pages

Blackberry is a prestigious line of phones and smart phones for the business and the enterprise personnel. Blackberry has also specialized in a line of mobile email and the mobile world owes a lot to this company formed by RIM based out of Canada for bringing the push notifications and making business email a reality. […]

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Business Computer Computer Software Consumer Electronics Telecommunications
Exploring Networking Principles Components Computer Science
3805 words 8 pages

It is a communications model that consumes the similar capabilities and can start a communication session. This network definitely has no central server. Every computer makes its own functions and may share certain resources with 75 additional users on the network. The whole thing in the network are equal to ‘peers’ which means they don’t […]

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Computer Computer Network Computer Science Network Topology Principles Telecommunications

Popular Questions About Network Monitoring

What are some common network monitoring tools?
GFI LanGuard (our award-winning paid solution)Microsoft Message Analyzer.Nagios.OpenNMS.Advanced IP Scanner.Capsa Free.Telerik Fiddler.NetworkMiner.Pandora FMS.Zenoss Core.
What does network monitoring mean?
Network monitoring is a computer network's systematic effort to detect slow or failing network components, such as overloaded or crashed/frozen servers, failing routers, failed switches or other problematic devices. In the event of a network failure or similar outage, the network monitoring system alerts the network administrator (NA).
What are network monitoring tools?
A network monitoring tool is either software-based or a software-hardware combination that watches the network from end to end, collecting data on hundreds of performance metrics, including bandwidth, latency, responsiveness and CPU use of hosts.
How to monitor your network?
When it comes to implementing network monitoring, keep these essential best practices in mind:Know your network: Be certain your network map is up to date. Establish baselines: You can’t accurately determine what is abnormal in your network without knowing what is normal. Create alert plans: Network monitoring becomes a moot point when alerts don’t reach the right people. Reassess regularly: Companies and networks change constantly, and your network monitoring should change with it.