Deprivation of iPod Technology
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IPod is a new technology of portable media players generated and sold by Apple and was released into the market on November 10, 2001. The product line presently comprises of the hard drive-centered iPod Classic that stores media, the iPod Touch which is a touchscreen model, the compact iPod Nano, and the ultra-compact model known […]

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Popular Questions About Ipod Touch

Is the iPod touch dead?
iPod isn't dead after all: Apple will unleash an iPhone X-style redesign for iPod Touch. ... In 2017, the Cupertino-based company discontinued the iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle models, leaving only the iPod Touch as the sole music player still sold in the Apple Store. The latter has not received a lick of paint in four years.Jan 21, 2019
What can you do on an iPod touch?
It's popular, though, because it's a lot more than just a way to play digital music. Since it runs the iOS, the same operating system used by the iPhone and iPad, the iPod touch is also a web browsing device, a communications tool, a portable game system, and a video player.
Is iPod touch 7 worth buying?
The new iPod touch is fantastic for gaming and listening to music alike, with the new A10 Fusion chip making AR experience better than ever. It's also relatively inexpensive, and could be a ideal entertainment device.May 24, 2021