Gagne’s Nine Events
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The process of learning is an on-going event that occurs in each stage of human development. Human beings acquire a great deal of their personal qualities and characteristics through a variety of different learning methods. Through the work of educational psychologist Robert Gagne, a better understanding of learning and instruction can be found. Gagne presented […]

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Instructional Design: Capstone project
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The three-week introduction to instructional design (changed from two weeks) for the four department heads can be produced and taught in three months at a proposed cost of $40340 (or approximately 50808 less 20%). The technology includes the in-house learning management system along with audio/video (a/v) design beginning with a prototype. Based on this examination, […]

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Instructional Design with ADDIE method
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Simple step methodologies provide an organized design procedure for the use of instructional materials that can facilitate the creation and maintenance of classes and trainings. These methodologies are applicable to current courses, suggesting practices for redesign to infuse your delivery with a new effectiveness and vitality. They may be utilized for incorporating new technology into […]

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Instructional Design
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Instructional Design Paper: Dick, Carey and Gagne The art of instructional design takes a unique gift. An instructional design artist must be able to artfully create a systematic structure for insuring the learning process. Through this paper, we will be exploring two educator artists’ approaches: Dick and Carey’s and Gagne’s. Dick and Carey’s Approach Many […]

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