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Analyse the character of Sheila Birling and Inspector Goole Essay Example
1887 words 4 pages

J.B Priestley wrote ‘An Inspector Calls’ in 1945. The play is set in 1912, in an Edwardian dining room, before the World Wars, when social class was more important in England. We went to see a modern production at Coventry’s Belgrade Theatre. It is a morality play that focuses on how a person’s actions over […]

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An Inspector Calls Character Inspector Goole Theatre
Who Learns more from Inspector Goole’s visit and why Essay Example
1117 words 3 pages

“An Inspector calls” is a play written by J. B Priestley after world war two; Priestly is a socialist who thinks the world has to change because of his hardworking-underpaid days. The play is set out during 1912. The play focuses on a high-class family who are questioned by a mysterious Inspector. One by one […]

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An Inspector Calls Inspector Goole Social Class Visit
An Inspector Calls, Analysis of Inspector Goole Essay Example
2421 words 5 pages

J. B Priestly started to write in 1911; his plays usually exposed a hidden message or moral. One of the two, this was used to get his message across. He had an immense amount of courage, as he was not at all afraid to speak his mind; he enjoyed and got a thrill from political […]

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An Inspector Calls Capitalism Inspector Goole Socialism Titanic
Consider the Dramatic Function of Inspector Goole in the play An Inspector Calls Essay Example
1513 words 3 pages

In the play An Inspector Calls, a message is being portrayed to the reader by J. B Priestley and in my opinion, the main bearer of this message is the inspector. Being of an ambiguous nature, he appears to live in a different world to the family with whom he deals; the Birlings and it […]

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An Inspector Calls Inspector Goole

Popular Questions About Inspector Goole

What type of character is Inspector Goole?
A character with 'massiveness, solidity and purposefulness'. Inspector Goole is central to this play. But ​before we can understand his key quotes, we must understand his character.
How does Priestley use Inspector Goole in an Inspector Calls?
Social and historical context Inspector Goole sheds a light on all the concerns that Priestley had at the time of writing An Inspector Calls around age, gender, class and social responsibility. Priestley uses the Inspector to make the audience question their own behaviour and morality and hopes that they will learn some lessons as the Birlings do.
Why is Inspector Goole important in a Christmas Carol?
Inspector Goole is the mysterious character who turns the lives of the self-satisfied Birlings upside down by exposing their involvement in the death of Eva Smith. The Inspector raises ideas of private and public responsibility and also acts as an effective dramatic device.
Do you think Inspector Goole is a good police man?
Inspector Goole is a great police man because he uses a variety of different techniques to extract information out of the Birlings, after being abrupt and mysterious to gain control. I also think that Inspector Goole is an attractive character in terms of style and attitude.