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The Person I Like Most Essay Example
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The person who is the dearest to me in this whole world is my mother, and I can explain many reasons behind that. Firstly, my mother loves me a lot. Her love for me is so pure. She is ready to sacrifice her own happiness for my happiness. She holds my good above everything in […]

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Sensory Snapshot Essay Example
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My day begins with my alarm clock waking me at six in the morning. Then I wake my daughter up to get her ready for school. After I brush my teeth and take a shower I get dressed. Then my daughter and I have breakfast. I then walk my daughter to the bus stop so […]

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Popular Questions About Homemaker

What is the job description of a homemaker?
Homemaker job description. Financial Officer – The Homemaker is responsible for maintaining and overseeing the family budget. To include all banking and household finances. It is expected that the Homemaker review the budget monthly and review with their spouse any unseen expenses and future planning needs.
What does it mean to be a homemaker?
A homemaker is a person whose main job is to take care of his or her own family home and children. Traditionally, the job of homemaker is done by women and the job of provider is done by men.
What does the title "homemaker" mean to you?
The meaning and functions of a homemaker If we step away from conventionality, being a homemaker implies being owner and manager. A homemaker takes on the task of maintaining balance within the home. This doesn't involve only cooking, cleaning, and shopping, but rather being aware of every detail related to the family and home.
What are some other names for homemaker?
Creative homemakersthomemakerhomemakerschomemakerhomemakererewhomemakerhomemakershusprothomemakerhomemakerspathomemaker