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Fencing: Techniques of the game
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Fencing is a game which requires immense expertise and practice. In this game if you hold the sword too tightly it might lead to many problems like muscles getting strained especially hamstring muscles which can hamper the player physically. It requires flexibility and accuracy and great presence of mind as well as right coordination between […]

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Fencing – Memorable Moments of the Game Essay Example
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Fencing is an ancient sport which requires great physical strength and mental alertness. The rules of this game are laid by the FIE (Federation Internationale d’Escrime) and all the international fencing competitions are conducted according to these rules. There are many different kinds of fencing like Classical fencing, theatrical fencing and sport fencing, the sport […]

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Fencing – Famous Players of the Game
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Fencing is a very exciting game which can be traced 100’s of years back and is played with the help of a sword. It is a very popular Olympic sport and requires a lot of expertise. Apart from physical strength, it also requires perfect mind and body coordination as the lack of it can lead […]

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Popular Questions About Fencing

What is the cheapest type of fencing?
One of the most inexpensive types of fence is the chain link fence. You only pay $6 to $9 per foot (in 2010) for this kind of fencing material if you build a 4-foot-high fence, but the downside is that chain link fences aren't as aesthetically pleasing.
What age should you start fencing?
Fencing can be learned as early as the age of 7, and it is never too late to start learning. Fencing is a lifetime sport and there are competitions for every age group, including Veterans (40+, 50+ and 60+).
Is fencing real sword fighting?
"Sword fighting" is a term that arose in reaction to sport fencing, and tends to be used by people who have a vague notion that sport fencing isn't what a real sword fight would look like, but don't have a very clear idea of what a real sword fight does look like.
How do you install fencing?
Installing Fence Posts Dig a hole for the first post at the corner of the fence. Install some gravel. Seat the first fence post. Build a mound at the bottom of the fence post. Set the height between the fence posts with twine. Repeat with the rest of the posts.