Akatombo, by Naoko Amemiya of Portland Taiko: Unique Feminine Expression in Modern Taiko
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The Asian American theatre performance chosen for this essay is Akatombo, a rendering of Japanese Taiko developed by Naoko Amemiya of Portland. Akatombo is a piece of Taiko composition based on “a famous Japanese folk song and showcases tight Taiko choreography, Japanese flute and singing” (Akatombo). Taiko involves “repeatedly banging, slashing at and clacking an […]

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Learning to play the Dhol – Diary/Write Up
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This opportunity arose from my work with the steering committee of the St. Albans Mela, which was formed to look at various aspects which we believed to help steer us towards having a Mela in St. Albans. The idea of a Mela in St. Albans is part of a larger project called Fuze which was […]

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he Send Off and The Drum
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The Send Off and The Drum both explore the truths about war outlining the horrors and effects of war through language and poetic techniques. Owen attacks the understanding between those at home who promote war as a romantic, glorious and heroic exercise and dying for one’s country as an act of nobility and with this […]

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Drum Poetry Reason War
The Drum
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The subject of War is one that rouses many varying attitudes amongst writers, which is evident through their respective compositions of literature. Throughout the duration of World War I, many soldiers who originally harboured enthusiasm towards the notion of fighting for one’s country to attain honour became incredibly cynical and satirical of the war. One […]

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Ethnic Drums
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As An instrument Ethnic Drums has become very popular. They are also such a wide category containing sounds and rhythms from Africa and Latin countries. They tend to have the power to bring out the music in people often complementing our own natural rhythm. They liven ceremonies, events and entertain all over the world. The […]

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