A Liability Rule In Relation To Doping Rules
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Critically reexamine the issues of harmonization and the rigorous liability regulation in relation to doping regulations in international athletics, with mention to natural justness, relevant instances and the formation of the World Anti-Doping Association Code. Introduction Separate A of this piece will show a critical overview of harmonization in comparing to other consonant countries of […]

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Analysis on Lance Armstrong Doping
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No. the effects brought upon Armstrong are completley inappropriate. The actions taken against him undergone by Travis Tygart and USADA are over the top. The fact that Lance doped is undeniable. he did it. but so did every other Tour de France rival and their teammates. Why should the adult male who won against other […]

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Gene Doping
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Gene Doping is probably today’s competitive weapon in sport and is a human enhancement, it was defined by WADA or the World Anti Doping Agency as “Gene Doping is the non-therapeutic use of cells, genes, genetic elements, or of the modulation of gene expression, having the capacity to improve athletic performance”. Basically it is an […]

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