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The legislation that protects individuals and groups from the misuse of ICT Essay Example
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In my prior tasks, I have written an in depth report on the enhanced development of an array of technologies which effects and have provided numerous of opportunities for everyone whether they are studying in school (like me), in employment, individuals with special particular needs or generally the whole community.Task 3A is a detailed report […]

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Data Protection Act 1998 Individual Law
The Handling of Information Governed by Legislation Essay Example
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The handling of information is governed by legislation, Codes of Practice and policies of them employers. The main piece of legislation which relates the handling of information safely is the Data Protection Act 1998. This act governs the storage and use of information about individuals which is collected by organisations. This applies to both electronic […]

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Data Protection Act 1998 Information Information Technology

Popular Questions About Data Protection Act 1998

What does the Data Protection Act 1998 aim to protect?
The Data Protection Act 1998 (c. 29) was a United Kingdom Act of Parliament designed to protect personal data stored on computers or in an organised paper filing system. It enacted the EU Data Protection Directive 1995 's provisions on the protection, processing and movement of data.
How to comply with the Data Protection Act of 1998?
Checklist for compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998Appoint a data protection officer or someone with compliance responsibility.Ensure that the company is registered with the Information Commissioner if required and maintain those registration. Identify all collection points of data, e.g. Identify what data are collected and whether directly from the data subject or via a third party.
Why was the Data Protection Act 1998 introduced?
As the use of computers within organisations increased, in 1998 it was deemed necessary to introduce legislation governing the use of personal data. The Data Protection Act 1998 was passed with the aim of protecting data and preventing it from getting into the wrong hands .
What are the principles of Data Protection Act?
What are the Eight Principles of the Data Protection Act? 1998 Act GDPR Principle 1 โ€“ fair and lawful Principle (a) โ€“ lawfulness, fairness and Principle 2 โ€“ purposes Principle (b) โ€“ purpose limitation Principle 3 โ€“ adequacy Principle (c) โ€“ data minimisation Principle 4 โ€“ accuracy Principle (d) โ€“ accuracy 5 more rows