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Concept of Consumption and Saving
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In general application, saving usually stands for depositing money separately for a particular purpose, for instance, investment in a retirement plan or depositing cash in the bank. In other words, savings means the reduction of expenditure and the act to avoid wastage. According to the personal finance concept, saving means keeping or conserving money to […]

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General Foods, Case Analysis
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General Foods Corporation is a major manufacturer of consumer food products. The corporation is organized into two separate divisions for its product lines in the United States and their foreign operations. Some of their major U. S. product lines include Post, Kool-Aid, Maxwell House, Jell-O, and Birds Eye. General Foods is considering introducing a new […]

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Popular Questions About Capital Accumulation

What is the process of accumulating capital?
The process of accumulating capital is called investment. Investment can be done in various categories like land, labor and capital. Investment in land does not mean investing only in the lands that are cultivated or where buildings can be built. It can also include land where natural resources are available.
What does capital accumulation mean?
What is 'Capital Accumulation'. Capital accumulation typically refers to an increase in assets from investment or profits. Individuals and companies can accumulate capital through investment. Investment assets usually earn profit that contributes to a capital base.
What is primitive capital accumulation?
Primitive Accumulation of Capital. the forcible process by which the masses of direct producers (above all, the peasants) are transformed into wage laborers, and the means of production and monetary wealth into capital; historically, the process that preceded the capitalist mode of production.
What is a cash accumulation plan?
The cash accumulation method is used to rank policies according to their cost effectiveness. When comparing policies using this method, the one that has the most cash value at the end of the trial period is considered the better policy. This comparison requires that the premiums paid for each policy during the comparison period are equal.