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Deepanshu Anand
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A cafeteria at All-State University has one special dish it serves like clockwork every Thursday at noon. This supposedly tasty dish is a casserole that contains sauteed onions, boiled sliced potatoes, green beans, and cream of mushroom soup. Unfortunately, students fail to see the special quality of this dish, and they loathingly refer to it […]

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Letter to principal, why school food is lacking nutrition Essay Sample
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There is a immense job in the tiffin room which needs to be addressed rather quickly. Due to the choice of nutrients available to the pupils. my peer’s wellness is at hazard every bit good as my wellness and I would wish to see some of these jobs be fixed. First of all. the nutrition […]

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Virginia Woolf Two Paragraphs
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The Gap of Two Experiences and the Problem of Gender Inequality In two passages, Virginia Wolf describes her experience at a two cafeterias, one for a men’s college, and the other for a women’s college. Virginia Wolf uses complex diction, imagery and detail to convey her negative attitude towards women’s place in society. She also […]

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Popular Questions About Cafeteria

Does cafeteria mean?
1 : a restaurant in which the customers serve themselves or are served at a counter and take the food to tables to eat. 2 : lunchroom sense 2.
Is it a cafeteria or canteen?
Canteen is a word used more in Britain and entire commonwealth while cafeteria is used more in US. In US, a canteen is a word used to describe a water container used by hikers and soldiers and a place used to serve armed forces.
Are there any cafeterias left?
Less than a century ago, cafeterias were as popular with Americans as their fast-casual descendants are today. ... Today, there are states, even entire regions of the country, where cafeterias are found only inside schools, or hospitals, or—if they're lucky—an IKEA store.