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National Day of Brunei Darussalam Essay Example
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The National Day of Brunei Darussalam is celebrated annually on the 23rd of February. It is ultimately a significant day for every Brunei citizens. The national day is celebrated nationwide. This essay will discuss how the National day creates a sense of identity, community and how it brings the whole country together as a nation. […]

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Brunei Islam Nationalism Religion
Why Are Girls Doing Better Than Boys in Brunei Schools Essay Example
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In the earlier part of the 20th century, it was common that boys significantly outperformed girls in schools. Be it in Brunei or in other countries, the number of male students as compared to female students was astronomical. However, it was only after the realisation of the importance of education and academic qualification apart from […]

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Brunei Education Gender Reason

Popular Questions About Brunei

Is Brunei really rich?
5. Brunei – $71,185 GDP (PPP) per capita. This small Southeast Asian country — roughly the size of Delaware — is currently the fifth richest nation in the world. ... The oil and gas industry contribute to more than 95% of Brunei's exports, which explains why the country's GDP has contracted over the past three years.
Is Brunei a safe country?
Brunei is considered to be the safest destination for tourists in Southeast Asia with supper small crime rates, besides theft, but still, one is advised to use their common sense for not getting into trouble.
Can you drink alcohol in Brunei?
Brunei's strict sharia law bans the sale of alcohol. But it's not all bad news for drinkers: Non-Muslims over the age of 17 have a generous duty free allowance. ... Tourists can drink alcohol in hotel rooms or private residences as long as they're not intoxicated in public.
Why is Brunei a bad country?
Regardless of that, Brunei is a strict Islamic country with several inhumane laws. Most notably, LGBTQ rights are non-existent, with same-sex relationships punishable by up to 10 years in prison. Under Sharia law, it could be punishable by death by stoning.