Sailing: The Technicalities Involved in the Sport
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Sailing is a very interesting recreational sport which can be dated back to the ancient times. They are done with the help of a sailing boat which consists of a boat with a sail or foil which is made up of fiber. The sail helps in controlling the movement and direction of the boat. In […]

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Types of Boats Used in Competitive Sailing
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If you’re new to the sport of competitive sailing, you’re probably noticing that there is a mind-boggling list of boats used in various types of competitive sailing. This can make it difficult to really follow all of the different kinds of races, and it can even be a little discouraging for sailing beginner. But while […]

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Cj industries and heavy pumps
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CJI’s issue revolves around their new contract with Great Lakes Pleasure Boats composed of a 5-year, $10 million per year closing deal. After this contract, Great Lakes would represent 30 percent of CJI’s annual sales, and therefore, putting CJI’s and Great Lakes contract on the list of top priorities. CJI produces all their items in […]

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