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Amore Frozen Foods
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Assumptions Production Rate 1,000 dozen pies every 20 minutes Monthly Production – 60,000 dozen pies Yearly production – 720,000 dozen pies Thrift store demand – 240 dozens per month Thrift store storage max – 1000 dozen pies Rejected batches are first sold at the Thrift Store and excess donated to charity The threat of situation […]

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Fingerprint Biometric Attendance System
6734 words 13 pages

CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION The increasing complexity of administrative operations in Colegio de St. Monique in Binangonan, Rizal, is the effect of the growing population of students, faculty and administration and the physical expansion of the institution. The increase in complexity means additional manpower and workloads and more complicated data processing system. To meet the growing […]

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Popular Questions About Arithmetic Mean

How do you calculate arithmetic mean?
The arithmetic mean is the average of a series of numbers. How It Works. The formula for calculating the arithmetic mean is: Arithmetic mean = (X1 + X2 + X3 + +XN) / N. where X1, X2, X3, XN are the values of the observations being averaged and N equals the number of observations.
What is another word for "arithmetic mean"?
Synonyms for arithmetic mean include average, expectation, mean, average value, expected value, first moment, sample mean, simple average, standard and norm. Find more similar words at!
What are the uses of arithmetic mean?
The Arithmetic mean and Geometric mean are the tools widely used to calculate the returns on investment for investment portfolios in the world of finance. People use the arithmetic mean to report the higher returns which are not the correct measure of calculating the return on investment.
What are the merits and demerits of arithmetic mean?
Advantages And Disadvantages Of Arithmetic MeanSimplicity. Arithmetic mean is most widely applied measure because it can be calculated very easily and can be understood without any complication.Rigid Formula. The value of arithmetic mean is always fixed as it is defined by rigid formula.Helps Further Study. Minimum Fluctuation. No Need Of Data Arrangement. Based On Observation.