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Divorce: Equitable Distribution Essay Example
931 words 2 pages

Equitable distribution of marital assets and liabilities. In a proceeding for dissolution of marriage, in addition to all other remedies available to a court to do equity between the parties, or in a proceeding for disposition of assets following a dissolution of marriage by a court which lacked jurisdiction over the absent spouse or lacked […]

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Alimony Contract Distribution Marriage
Analytical Response to Barbara Kingsolver’s “Stone Soup” Essay Example
652 words 2 pages

“Stone Soup” Barbara Kingsolver’s “Stone Soup” is a personal response to society’s view of the “broken” family. Kingsolver believes that society has for too long criticized divorce, remarriage, single parenthood, gay parents, and blended families, and that alternative families deserve equal standing in our society.In response to reading Kingsolver’s essay, this paper will serve to […]

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Alimony Belief Divorce Family Marriage Social Institution Society
Best Age to Marry Essay Example
390 words 1 page

What is the best age to marry? Give reasons and examples to support your response. Introduction There is no best age to marry. Arg. 1 Must marry when we meet the good person. Arg. 2 We do not HAVE TO marry. There are other ways to show our love to a person. Conclusion Marry somebody […]

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Alimony Epistemology Family Love Philosophy Social Institution Society
Marrige vs Cohabitation Essay Example
691 words 2 pages

There are many people that say that getting married before living together is the best way to go. They have many negative things to say about living together also called cohabitation. Linda J Waite is one of this people, she has many negative things to say about cohabitation. She wrote an article called “The Negative […]

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Alimony Divorce Family Marriage Social Institution Society

Popular Questions About Alimony

What states have alimony?
States that still have permanent alimony are New Jersey, Connecticut, Vermont, North Carolina, West Virginia, Florida, and Oregon.
What is the real purpose of alimony?
Alimony in MarylandTopics on this pageAlimony and Its Purpose. Alimony is a periodic payment by one former spouse to the other. Types of alimony. Factors the Court Will Consider. Amount of Alimony Award. Tax Consequences of Alimony. Attorneys Fees. Enforcement of Alimony Award. Termination of Alimony.
How do courts determine alimony?
The courts determine the amount and duration of alimony based on a number of factors. These factors may include the length of the marriage, the age of each spouse, income, job skills and ability to a spouse to find a job and become self-sufficient.
What does alimony stand for?
“Alimony” means payments for the support and maintenance of a spouse, either by lump sum or on a continuing basis. Alimony is paid by the “supporting spouse” to the “dependent spouse”.