History of the Sewing Machine
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Hand sewing is an art form that is over 20,000 years old. The first sewing needles were made of bones or animal horns and the first thread was made of animal sinew. Iron needles were invented in the 14th century. The first eyed needles appeared in the 15th century. The story really starts in 1755 […]

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What is meant by the expression Ars nova in the 14th century
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During the early fourteenth century there occurred an imperative stylistic change in music, now commonly known as the “Ars nova” period. The term “Ars nova” means quite literally “new art” when translated from the Latin and refers to the new way of thinking of composers at his time. The term itself was initially used by […]

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El Mio Cid
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El Cantar del Mio Cid is the oldest preserved Spanish cantar de gesta. Formerly, it was transmitted only orally, but in 1142 it was written down by a certain Per Abbat. This copy is held as part of a 14th century codex in the Biblioteca Nacional de Espana (National Library) in Madrid. However, it is […]

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Linguistic Analysis of a Passage from Both the “Miller’s Tale”
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Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales was written in Middle English during the 14th Century, the period after the loss of Old English inflections and before the standardization of spelling due to the introduction of the Caxton printing press. Chaucer wrote during the years in which foreign loan words were fully integrated into the English vernacular […]

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Popular Questions About 14th century

What century is the 14th century?
As a means of recording the passage of time, the 14th century was that century which lasted from 1301 to 1400.
What was the 14th century known as?
People use the phrase “Middle Ages” to describe Europe between the fall of Rome in 476 CE and the beginning of the Renaissance in the 14th century.
What happened in the 14th century?
Timeline of the 14th Century. The 14th Century 1300 - 1399, was a period of great human suffering as the Black Death crept its way across Europe. It decimated the population of Britain which in turn left the survivors in a new world, one in which the power of the Church had undertaken a seismic shift.