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Believe that wealthy countries should not share their money with poorer coo entries. The reason think this is because of the rational process that goes through my mi ND that says that there is no reason that a wealthy, hardworking, and focused country should share their hard earned money with a country that’s less fortunate. A poor co entry should make changes in order to make themselves rich, and if they absolutely cannot do that without financial support then loan arrangements should be made…

T e last reason believe that rich countries shouldn’t share money with poorer country sis is because I can infer that if one poor country is receiving help then they’d start depending on them for everything, and they won’t make anything themselves. There is no reason for a wealthy country to share their money at all! A rich co entry is obviously made up of people that work hard and deserve the amount of moon eye they make. A country such as Luxembourg that makes a mean salary Of $11 2,000 IS SD a year shouldn’t have to share their tax money with a country like Syria that ma sees a lower amount of $200 USED/capita a year…

Luxuriousness work an upward average of 5058 hours a week and majority of them work as a civil worker (government) that provide them with a lot of benefits. A lot of people in Luxembourg also work in the finance industry, as accountants and consultants. Why should their tax money that they worked so strenuously for be given away rather than being used for their welfare. A poor country should take self responsibility and take initiative to make the messes rich as well instead of waiting for a miracle to happen that would pull them out of their misery.

In early 20112012 there were a lot Of problems for Greece, as they ha d taken a lot of loans and trust funds to other countries and rich business’s in the hope that they could improve their economy, repay their loans and live happily ever after. War Eng! They couldn’t improve their economy even after all their loans and this landed the m in a lot of trouble because they now had lots of loans to repay with no money. This is w hen they agreed to join the EX., and all their debt was absorbed by the richer countries of Europe. A big theory brought out by the Youthful “CAP Grey” was that the Greek peep e were too “Ladybird” to do anything…

The Greeks knew that they would eventually g bankrupt and when they did, all their problems would be solved by joining the e Union… So when they’re country was borrowing so much money, they in fact could’ve pulled Greece out of debt. Imagine a country in Africa had the same problem…

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