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compare and contrast MEDC/LEDC During this project i will be comparing and contrasting the united kingdom (england,wales,scotland and northern ireland) to Somalia. I will include ; Location Food Water Education Health care Poverty/Wealth Debt Other issues Location The united kingdom is located to the left of europe ?? its capital is london which is home to many famous monuments like nelsons column. It has a population of 7,825,200. Its area is 607 square miles. London’s co-ordinates are 51°30’26″N and 0°07’39″W. If tourists come to England they will most likely visit if not stay in london .

It attracts millions of people because they want to eat in the restaurants(according to VisitBritain). ?? somalia Somalia is located in the eastern most part of africa just above the equator making it always very hot and dry. Its capital is Mogadishu,which is located in the coastal region of benadir and has been a important port for many years . The population is 9,330,872. ??? Mogadishu ?? These pictures show to side to somalia the tourist attractions like hotels and then the fighting which drives most tourists away the fighting will be involved in the other issues section later on. It is linked by roads to Kenya and Ethiopia. t has little industry accept for food and beverage processing and cotton ginning. its main attractions are the mosque of Fakr ad-Din and Garesa palace. The language spoke is normally somali but some also speak arabic. England’s capital brings a lot of money into the economy due to the amount of tourism but in somalia this isn’t the case at all, because tourists are scared of the piracy going in somalia therefore less money is going into the economy making it virtually impossible for it to become a MEDC,also because there is a lot of industry in London there are alot of jobs so more people can make money.

Location end Food in the united kingdom food is cooked using a cooker or a microwave which is a lot more efficient then cooking it on a stove. men in the uk are meant to have 2550 calories per day, whereas woman are meant to have 1940 ? Many people in britain go on diets (britain is the second fattest nation) a typical diet would include: 35% fruit veg per meal 29% bread, rice, pasta,potato and any other starchy foods 4% meat 3% fish 1%egg 0. 3%nuts and seeds 4%beans and pulses 15%milk and dairy foods 9%high fat food or drink

If you were to follow this diet you would be very fit and the right weight for a man. Somalia Food is cooked on a little stove and left to cook in water there are two huge downsides to this which are the food will take a while to cook and there is a shortage to clean water in somalia and you would end up having to cook in dirty water which can easily give a disease that could be cured simply by medicine but because they don’t have enough money the man/woman/child could die. the amount of vegetarians in somalia is very low. the most common food is njara which is homemade bread which looks like a pancake. when cooking with meat which is what most dishes are based around they normally; Goat Beef Lamb Chicken fried in Ghee-butter a picture of anjara ? To sum up the food quality and health in britain is far better then Somalia because the United Kingdom have better food resources,plus due to clean water we can use water effectively in our cooking-rather than risking disease. Water In the uk in all the houses clean water comes through the tap and disease is rarely carried in it.

Water is used in the flushing toilet and since this creation the life expectancy of men in britain has increased by 15 years. THe roofs on houses in the uk can catch an amazing amount of water-more than 100,000 litres in a year. On average someone in the uk will use 150 litres of water whereas in somalia they only ever use a maximum of 50. In somalia there are many different ways to get water but only one of them gives clean water. Way 1,they could go to the sea,stream,river and just take the water but this could be very dangerous due to the disease that could be lurking in them. water in Somalia wouldn’t be such a problem if it rained more because of where it is situated on the map-just above the equator its weather can reach 45 degrees Celsius. Education In Britain education is free until the age of 18 but in Somalia they have to pay for their schooling,but most parents cant afford to send there children to school but if they do have enough they will normally send a girl to school because men are known to get manual labour jobs,whereas women need education to get jobs.

Britain has a much better education system because everyone can be educated for free up until the age of 18. So it gives everyone a chance to get the qualifications they need to get a good job. Unlike in somalia where there are not many jobs at all so to have good grades at least gives the people in somalia a chance to get a job,and then be able to get clean water. ?? In the United Kingdom 56% of 3 and 4 year olds attend nursery however in somalia its rare for a child to go to a nursery. In somalia only 33% of girls will go to primary school where they will stay for 7 years however.

In somalian high schools only 66% of males pass their exams on the other hand only 52% of females pass their exams. The United Kingdom has a average of 75% passes (according to the daily mail). In somalia only 13% of the teachers are woman as men are known as the better teachers although in the uk only 10% of primary school teachers are men,however in university the amount of male teachers outnumber the women. Many believe this is because of women’s nurturing personalities. Many believe that paying for education is a sign of a LEDC and also shows how the country is struggling to bring money into its economy.

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