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• Entrepreneur is the term used to attribute to an individual who initiates the creation of various business enterprises (About.com, 2009).

• Entrepreneur is defined as a person who is responsible for knowing the financial risks of the business’ “initiation, operation and management” aspects (Entrepreneur.com, 2009).

• The notion of being an entrepreneur can be better understood when different ideas about “business, managerial, and personal perspective” are discussed. For years, it has been the personal viewpoints of people on the subject of entrepreneurship that were comprehensively investigated (Hisrich, Peters and Shepherd, 2005).

• An entrepreneur is the one who makes sure that the business is well-organized and well-managed. Also, an entrepreneur thinks of all the possible risks that a business can experience (Merriam-Webster Online, 2009).

• An entrepreneur is characterized as the person with superior capabilities in initiating change which can only be done by a selected few (Internet Center for Management and Business Administration, Inc., 2007).

• An entrepreneur is considered to be the person who is tasked to supervise a business, faces business threats and makes an effort to make the business thrive (Daud, 2008).

• An entrepreneur is described as the individual who possessed great business responsibilities. Also, an entrepreneur deals with the many business risks in order to make revenues of a business organization (Entreprenurialtricks.com, 2009).

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