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•English is widely spoken and use around the worldand consider it the world language or the international language.

•English language has an extremely large vocabulary. A basic and fundamental knowledge of the language is considered a requirement in a number of professional occupations.

•Moreover, English is the international language of diplomacy, business, science, technology, banking, computing, medicine, aviation, UN & NATO armed forces, engineering, tourism and other more

•English can be fun too. For instance, the music of such stars has encouraged fans to speak the language of their idols, whilst others have enrolled in English classes to improve their understanding of the dialogue in films and TV shows.

•Spoken English is used in the best careers, the best universities, and is increasingly being used at job interviews

•Spoken English is used in the best careers, the best universities, and is increasingly being used at job interviews.

•English language is very important because where ever you go as long as you can speak English you can survive.

•Most multinational companies require good communication skills in English and if there is a possibility, then there will be no problem obtaining a good job.

•Many countries around the world fluent in English, the language of communication has become an industry standard for tourists.

•Learning English well must be the best thing you can do to improve your life!

•English is everywhere. You can easily access English language television, music, website, magazines and others more.

•You will enjoy learning English if you remember that every hour you spend gets closer to perfection.

•If you have learned English continuously and have become familiar with most English words, you could have finished the whole reading material and have gotten the information that you wanted.

•Immigrants also need to learn English especially if they will be working at firms or other companies where English is the medium of communication.

•The English language plays an important role in all aspects of society.

•English is used for communication by people who do not speak the same language

•People who speak two or more language are ideal candidates for jobs.

•Learning English can make you know new people

•Practice more will make your English more perfect

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