Employablility, and Personal Skills in the Recruitment and Retention of Staff in Thorpe Park Essay

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It is important for Thorpe Park to consider employability and personal skills when recruiting and retaining staff as having a good balance of these skills in employees will make the organisation move smoothly and effectively. There are many different factors to consider when employing new recruits and keeping current staff such as training, meeting targets, having the correct skills which match up the job requirements, trust, qualifications, portraying a professional image and having excellent communication skills to communicate well with fellow colleagues, the public and their customers.

When recruiting and reviewing current staffs personal skills employees need to have strong communication characteristics in this particular job role. This would be required for any job as in to be able to understand other colleagues, the public and its customers. Thorpe Park needs to consider this skill in their employees as they need to communicate efficiently and understand colleagues and customers for the task to be understood and carried out effectively.

As Thorpe Park is an entertainment business this skill is essential in meeting the needs of the customers because it may attract different customers to the business to build the business and also it may become more popular than it really is. The factors that will make them retain their staff are by setting expectations to make sure that they are up to a great start, set clear expectations up front. When Thorpe Park starts recruiting staff they need to check if the applicants have career goals and are they realistic?

Also, they can make sure if the applicant knows what kind of career path is available, time in positions or department requirements, and what it takes to move up. If the applicant does not meet the requirements, there should be a discussion regarding additional education required. The applicant should know what the steps are to move within the company. Overall, this factor will ensure that Thorpe Park’s staff will stay retained if only they hire the right sort of person for the job and that they understand where they need to get in terms of their goals and aspirations.

This will definitely ensure that their staff will stay employed once they already have been. This organisation looks to see if their staff and new recruits work hard. This would be portrayed at inductions/interviews for a job or in trail period of a vacancy. Employees need to be hard working so that the work/service that they provide is of a high quality and meets the company’s standards.

AS Thorpe Park is an entertainment business this skill is essential in meeting the needs of the customers because it will make the business safer as different customers come, it will also make the business look more professional in what they do and this will also build the business because working hard is the key to success, so it may become more successful in what they do. The factors that will make them retain their staff are career guidance. This will help employees develop and progress, a career development programme which is very helpful.

This should be simply time set aside for coaching an employee for his or her career. The employee’s self-motivation should be the driven force. This will ensure that their staffs are retained because it will motivate them more in doing their job as intended to and hopefully they will stay being employed as long as they may need to. It is important that this organisation considers employees and new recruits ability to work well as an individual and also if required as a team to ensure that the problem is solved in a professional standard and to ensure that the work is done in the companies standards.

Staffs need to be able to work well as a team so that they have a clear understanding of each other and so that the projects and meeting are effective. When employees work effective in a group it shows that they understand each and every one of them and the work given therefore Thorpe Park can run sufficiently and effectively as the task that is given are being understood and performed well. As Thorpe Park is an entertainment business this skill is essential in meeting the needs of customers because problem solving is a good skill to consider when there is a task in hand, when there is a situation occurring and when there is need to solve a roblem in a professional manner and standard. The factors that will make them retain their staff are a company’s best investment. When employees are being constantly developed they feel valued. Especially being in a high area of their work force, lack of training rapidly devalues an employee’s worth. Training is a very best investment any company can make in its employees. There are familiar questions to this: “what if I train them and they leave? ” or there are also another two question regarding this: “what if you don’t train them?

They will leave, or worse what if you don’t train them? And they stay” or just maybe “what if you do train them? And they end up staying”. All of these questions are relating to whether their employees will be retained within the business, so that the business does not lose any of its employees in either to make the business succeed in their reputation if only they follow that factor that was already explained. In fact, not only do employees love training, many love to train others.

There is a great deal of satisfaction in being the subject matter expert and having the responsibility of sharing expertise. Along these lines if an employee is week in a certain area, ask the employee to learn the product or subject and them teach others. This approach can be very effective as the employee does not want to look weak in front of peers and will overachieve. The staff in Thorpe Park needs to be able to cope working on their own as in some aspects it saves time and money.

Rather than having two people carrying out one job while, if possible having the other employee working in another area where it is needed, which could save enough time of work. Working independently shows employee can work and is able to work towards the company standards and shows that they are able to cope with different situations if accrued on their own and also having the ability to work in pressure, as in the same in other jobs it will be required to have that specific skill.

It also shows that they are more likely to be recruited and stay being recruited as they are able to undertake this job role even if it means that they need improvement on some things, they still are able to work independently and carry out task indigently instead of having to work in group all the time. Staff who can cope working individually benefits the organisation as if they can complete a task on their own they can do it without any help needed (i. e. help from other staff) therefore saving tome.

As Thorpe Park is an entertainment business this skill is essential in meeting the needs of customers because an employee be able to cope working on their own will make the businesses employees look more like they are portraying a good job role and that they are making the business look more professional by being able to communicate well with different customers and making sure that they revise what they need and answer their questions in an sensible manner.

The factors that will make them retain their staff are by demonstrating that employees are valued. Employees who are allowed to have meaningful input into the organisation feel attached and valued. They can have input regarding departmental work rules, social events, recognition programs and work flow process. The more money there is involved, the more they take ownership and contribute with emotion, passion, commitment and conviction.

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