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They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but some things are just so ugly, they’re difficult to ignore. While one person may think someone is beautiful, another may find that someone plain, or ever ugly. However, not many people disagree with something like the ugliness of a garbage dump or raw sewage. Some may, but not many. And, the ugliest thing I have ever seen would cause few people to argue with me – Jasper’s first apartment in college.

He was one of the first friends I knew with an apartment of his own, and one of the messiest people I knew. The moment I walked into the apartment, the musty smell was overwhelming. It resembled mold combined with rotten fruit and wet dog, even though Jasper only had a cat. I didn’t even want to know how or why it smelled that way, but I made sure not to breathe out of my mouth in fears of ingesting the molecules responsible for the foul odor. Unfortunately, the smell was only a fraction of the chaotic mess and ugliness of the place.

It was a small one-bedroom apartment, and the living room had an old, torn baby blue couch covered with various stains on it and dirty pillows. His coffee table was covered with dirty dishes and old pizza boxes. It also had a sticky substance covering it, almost like it was the covered in a fine adhesive. The walls were an ugly yellowish-orange color, and there were inexplicable black and brown marks all over them. Jasper said it was from his bike, which he kept in the corner of the room.

I noticed that the bike was covered in caked-on mud, and that a brown path ran from the front door to the bike. Jasper then showed me the kitchen, which was a disaster. His sink was filled with filthy dishes and the countertop was covered with stains and bits of food. One of the dishes was sideways in his sink and covered with a dark brownish-green solid material that made a fork stick to it. It looked like it was glued to the dish, defying gravity where it should have fallen down.

I also noticed more than one dead cockroach on the dirty fake-tile floor. As ugly as the kitchen was, it was nothing compared to his bedroom. Jasper let people write on his walls with magic markers, and every inch of the walls were filled with words, drawings, and doodles done by the various people he let spend the night or visit. Unfortunately, not many of the people drawing on the walls had talent, and it looked like a mess of colors and shapes with no purpose or design, though the few discernable images were obscene.

The chaos on the walls, however, paled in comparison to the chaos on the floor. It looked like an explosion had gone off in his room. Dirty clothes, papers, magazines, and food littered the floor, making it almost impossible to walk without stepping on something. The carpet beneath was barely visible, but the few exposed square feet revealed old gum stamped into a black splotch. I saw dirty dishes next to his bed, and crumbs all over the unmade bedspread. Green mold was growing on the inside of a glass on his nightstand.

And in the corner, there was a litter box made out of cardboard with one of the sides collapsed. The litter and cat droppings spilled out onto the carpet, and spread across that part of the room. I had to leave within the first minute. He told me to check out the attached bathroom, but there was no way I felt like exposing myself to that toxic adventure. Jasper dropped out of college a month later and moved back in with his parents. I can only imagine that his old apartment was gutted or torn down, because I could not imagine any sane person living there.

Before I visited Jasper in his apartment, I always thought he was normal. After seeing the ugliness he chose to live in, I realized that something in him was not normal. The filth, the chaos, the bacterial dangers of being in such a place has always stuck with me and inspired me to maintain cleanliness and order everywhere I live. I can’t imagine waking up everyday to such an ugly environment, and with a little effort, I never will. I still do not consider Jasper to be an ugly person, but I know few things uglier than his housekeeping habits.

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