Connection between Popular Music and Violence among Youth Essay

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It’s common truth that youth is influenced by many factors. It appears very hard for young people to choose a right route in life, they don’t know for sure what their true goals in life are. That is why all the forms of culture have a deep influence on the state of mind of young people. As long as this influence remains good, the society has no problems. However, during the recent years there appeared many factors which have a negative effect on the outlook of young people. There appears to be a direct connection between popular music and violence among youth.

Many music bands which have appeared during the recent years have a very negative influence on the young people’s values and morals. They don’t teach them anything good but ruin their character. As long as young people listen to those music bands, they become cruel, and many of them tend to enter a criminal route. One of the main reasons why present popular music effects young people in such a negative way is that there are too many texts of the songs in which there is talk about murders, or any other criminal events.

One of the most popular music styles nowadays is rap to which many young people listen. They get turned on by the music because it appears to their taste. Nevertheless, the music’s rhythm itself can push young people to criminal actions because of its special beat. The texts which rappers sing are oftentimes dealing with crime. The singers reflect their own personality in the texts of the songs. Young people who listen to those songs are forced to have the same perception of the world as the singer does. One of the top singers is Eminem, whom millions of young people go crazy about.

No matter how great a singer Eminem is, isn’t it easy to realize that he makes them think about crime from such words: “All I see is murder murder, my mind state” “Makes it too late for cops in tryin’ to stop the crime rate” “All I see is murder murder, my mind state” Murder murder murder, and kill kill kill! Some young people were probably not even thinking about the possibility of doing something criminal. However, after they hear their favorite singer telling that murder is his mind state, they can decide they want to do the same.

Pink in her video is beating her enemies in all possible ways. It’s clear that somebody of her fans decides he should do the same thing. When Beasty Boys in their video are taking out wooden sticks and beating people around them, those young people who like the group might want to try doing the same. They get a good idea about how it’s done from the video. Those young people who have very weak personalities get very badly influenced by popular music groups. They fail to fight the negative influence.

They make an idol of their favorite singer, and copy him in many ways. They don’t think rationally, and don’t realize that many things which they might be doing are considered criminal by the society. Another issue connected with violence is that there is too much sex shown in the videos of popular singers. Lots of young people are watching that. The authors of the music videos only care about the popularity of the singers. That is why they add lots of sex in the videos. Young people watching all that get a pretty good idea about what it’s all about.

After a young guy sees half naked female singers in the screen who are almost telling them how hot they are, he might go crazy and go rape somebody to get what he has just seen on the screen. Most of the guys will not do that because they know what is criminal. However, there always are some who will get wrong ideas about what is right and what is forbidden. Those young guys will go crazy after watching some music videos, like those of Seduced (“Venus”), Despina Vani (“Opa Opa”), Maroon 5 (“This love”), or many others.

It’s also important to mention a negative influence of popular music on youth due to drugs and alcohol. In most night clubs where youth goes, listens and dances to popular songs, music is often mixed with drugs and alcohol. This state of things appears normal nowadays. Some kinds of popular music even sound the best when being mixed with drugs. This gives young people some state of ecstasy which they want to feel over and over again. Besides, oftentimes even popular singers push young people to taking drugs because they do it themselves.

If the star takes drugs and drinks alcohol, fans also think it’s right to do that. Alcohol and drugs usually lead to theft and murders. There is no wonder the crime rate rises because of that. Unfortunately, popular music nowadays makes young people more violent than they would otherwise be. Murder, drug, and sex issues connected with popular music all have a very negative influence on young people’s minds. Singers cannot have such a direct influence on older people because they have well-developed characters. They already have their values and morals well-formed.

However, popular music influences young people very much. It’s necessary to make young people realize that they should only take the good from their idols. They have to filter all the information which they get from listening to music and watching music videos. It’s very important to make sure that our youth studies not only from Eminem, but also from such singers and groups of all times like Chris Isaak, “The Beatles”, Celine Dion. Those singers make young people realize that life should not be full of crimes, but full of love and care for each other.

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