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The subfield of psychology that studies attitudes, social perceptions, interpersonal attraction, social influence and group behavior is known as
Social psychology
Social psychology involves the study of all of the following, except one. Which one is the exception? Beliefs, conformity, groups or intelligence.
Behavioral and cognitive tendencies that are learned and expressed by evaluating particular people, places or things with favor or disfavor are known as
A person who feels very strongly about the sanctity of human life is likely to support pro-life legislation, whereas someone who merely agrees that people have a right to live is less likely to be concerned over the legislation. This demonstrates the effect that the __________ of attitudes has on behavior.
John’s parents never cared for Southerners. They thought Southerners were slow and lazy. John often heard them make jokes about the south. John is being transferred to Alabama and he knows he won’t like it because of the people there. He acquired this attitude through __________ learning.
Chantel’s friends all prefer long hair and low-rise jeans. They have encouraged her to adopt the same look. Chantel now prefers this mode of dress and criticizes others who dress differently. Chantel’s attitude was acquired through
Direct experience and reinforcement
The manner in which learning helps to shape attitudes is through
Reinforcement and observation
A salesperson for vitamins gives out a medical journal article that discusses the research on a particular vitamin’s benefits. The salesperson is using the __________ route to persuade customers to buy his product.
Research has shown that mere __________ to any stimulus increases the likelihood that people will like it and react favorably to it.
Repeated exposure
When health warnings regarding cigarette smoking include pictures of aged, wrinkled skin, yellow-brown teeth and definite risks to appearance in addition to lung cancer, students are more likely to
Decreases their smoking habit
A cosmetic company is interested in selling their product by targeting women’s concerns over their appearance, particularly in regard to aging. A technique that is likely to work would be a(n) __________ advertising campaign.
Fear appeal
Persuasive communicators usually have a good deal of
Expertise, attractiveness and trustworthiness.
Which newscast is an individual most likely to watch on a regular basis?
One who agrees with their views
An advertiser wants to increase the likelihood of persuasion in their commercials. Based on research, they could
Play music that puts you in a good mood and saturate airtime with their commercial.
An attitude toward a group that leads people to evaluate members of that group negatively is known as
A landlord has an apartment to rent. Even though it is vacant, when two college students come to inquire the landlord informs them that the apartment has already been rented. This is because of his belief that college students throw wild parties and destroy property. The landlord’s behavior of refusal is an example of __________.
When you see a classmate in class or at a study session, they are always very friendly towards you. However, when you run into them at an upscale party, they act as if they do not know you. Since you know they are a friendly person, you are most likely to attribute your classmate’s behavior to
Situational attribution
The tendency to assume that others act mainly on the basis of their dispositions (e.g., personality traits) is the
Fundamental attribution error
Body language is the tendency to infer peoples thoughts and feelings from their
postures and gestures.
Social norms are the explicit and implicit expectations concerning
Social behavior
When you get up in the morning and think about your job that you dislike, you would really prefer to stay in bed so you call in sick. This shows how __________ can affect behavior.
Kryzanta often finds that what she feels and believes does not correspond with what she does. This is typical for most people and is what social psychologists refer to as the
A-B problem
An attitude is said to be accessible when
It is easily brought to mind
Mike is shopping for a new car and he has found one that he thinks is perfect. He has read some good reviews about the car’s performance. However, he has found a few negative reviews about the car, which he has decided to ignore. Diverting one’s attention from information inconsistent with one’s attitudes is called
When the teacher and student were in separate rooms in Milgram’s experiment, the victim was depersonalized and this
Increased the level of obedience

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