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From my point of view, closing borders is useless. This anti-flu measure only unnecessarily causes a panic. If Hong Kong does so, it seems the falling of one leaf heralds the autumn. The government may be incapable to minimize the effect of H1N1 swine flu on Hong Kong. Citizens lose all their confidence in HKSAR totally. Also, just like six years ado, a rumour was going round Hong Kong about its borders closing. The public rushed to supermarkets to buy food and all the food were run out in a short period.

Does the government want another stampede to buy food? Apart from panic buying, citizens will be encouraged to go to other countries before taking the measure. This throws the airport into turmoil and the health of citizens will not be well-protected. The citizens may be infected when they stay at other countries. Therefore, being a responsible government, it should first consider the need and safety of citizens before adopting any necessary equipment.

In these days, the government ought to ensure the citizens to stay calm. Moreover, citizens observe good personal hygiene is the best way to fight against the swine flu. If citizens wash their hands properly and frequently, the swine flu virus cannot reach to them. They need to wear surgical masks when they have symptoms of fever. They should not touch their nose, mouth and eyes with dirty hands to prevent catching swine flu. Besides, citizens ought to have a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

The public raises their awareness of personal hygiene and helps the society become flu-less. To combat the flu epidemic, citizens play important roles because they are the final controllers of swine flu virus. So the government and school require educating the public how to protect themselves and not always rely on government’s work, especially closing borders. Furthermore, Hong Kong had not closed all borders when there was SARS. Although SARS was found to be highly pathogenic, the government didn’t ban any immigration and emigration.

Based on past experience, the government can do the same because there is surveillance at immigration controls. The border controls and screening help tackle the spread of flu in limited way. Actually, Hong Kong cannot close all borders as it causes enormous economic damage. Hundreds of tourists and business men travel to Hong Kong each week. They bring income and investments because they enjoy the freedom of immigration and emigration in Hong Kong.

If all the borders are blocked, Hong Kong destroys its international image and reputation. To the residents, they originally believe Hong Kong is full of freedom but suddenly change their mind. They leave after the break of borders closing. As a result, closing borders is not only useless but also unwise. To deal with swine flu pandemic, citizens must pay attention to personal hygiene. If so, swine flu virus cannot be spread in the society. Hence Hong Kong allows both immigration and emigration in normal days.

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