Chapter 30 Health


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A person with HIV will almost always
Develop AIDS
In suspected cases of HIV infection there are
Two phases of testing
The ability of the immune system to fight pathogens decreases HIV infects and destroys
T-helper cells
The first test performed to screen for HIV antibodies is the
A bacterial infection having many similarities to the primary stage syphilis is
A fungal infection that may cause meningitis or a Form of pneumonia and I’d associated with AIDS
An example of and STD rhat cannot be treated with antibiotics is
Genital warts
HIV belongs to a family of viruses called
A painful infection of the ovaries, fallopian tubes, and/or uterus
Pelvic inflammatory disease
All of the following are AIDS-OIS excpet
A virus that is spread through sexual contact or contact with infected blood and attacks the liver causes
Hepatitis B
The earliest phase of HIV infection is the
Asymptomatic stage
Which of the following sexual practices is NOT a high risk behavior for HIV infection
Abstinence from sex
Which of the following statements is NOT ture of STDS
All STDS can easily cleared up with antibiotics
A progressive disorder in which brain tissue is destroyed formly known as AIDS dementia complex
This is a tough question so the answer is aids-related cognitive motor dysfunction
If left untreated both chlamydia and Trichmonosis can lead to
Nongonoccoal urethritis
The stage in which syphilis begins to attack the heart, blood vessels and central nervous system is
Latent stage
The rates of STD infection have decreases over that past several years because more teens are learning about STDS and are
Practicing abstinence
A person is at high risk for HIV infection if he or she
Uses the same needle used by another person
Chlamydia can lead to all of the following but
STDS are often referred to as the “silent epidemic” because
People are embarrassed to discuss STDS
Which statement is NOT true for genital warts
Removing the warts cures this STD
An outbreak of infectious disease of global propartions is a (n)
Gonnerhea is an STD caused by bacteria that affect the genital mucous membrane and is transmitted
During sexual contact
Efforts to treat and prevent HIV do NOT include
The immune system becoming overwhelmed by the virus
Teens who are sexually active have a high risk for contracting an STD because thay are likely to
Have more than one sexual partner

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