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The two companies that I chose that I feel would be a great acquisition from CB&M are Google and Yahoo. These are two highly recommended internet search engines. Although, they have other competitors Google and Yahoo are the most used and well known in the US. They are both easy to use and offer many different tools and sites for individuals with internet access. They may have some common qualities but both are unique and bring their own brand to the table.

It is a hard fair shake between the two in deciding just which one is actually the better search engine but I do have to say after comparing both it comes to be a little easier to decide on a conclusion of which would be of better use to a company. Google just so happens to be world’s largest and most powerful search engine. Google’s top competitors are AOL and Yahoo. Google has a Return on assets of 21. 5% and Return on Equity of 25. 97% with a revenue growth of 117. 56% and its current revenue per share $11. 692 (Wheelen 2008). In March 2001 Google. com became available in 26 different languages (Google. om).

The search engine has even more now, well over 75. “Google did not have a profitable business model until the third iteration of their popular AdWords advertising program in February of 2002, and was worth over 100 billion dollars by the end of 2005” (seobook). Google believes in innovation to keep on going. Google constantly is developing new technologies and as you can see by its revenue growths it keeps getting bigger and adding more tools for users to access for free. Google is run by highly talented individuals that have the knowledge to build Google farther and farther each year in revenue’s.

Google also offers different services for advertisers to network and expand their advertising through tools they provide such as Adsense (Google. com). Google offers all different types of apps to satisfy needs such as blogging and picture ads for socializing. There is even Google maps that actually show exactly what is on a street and can pin point the street not just the actual mapping of the street. Google has come a long way from having started by two Harvard students and then gaining Eric Schmidt as the CEO of the company years down the road.

Google only hires the best for its company and also offers the best for its employees. Google has grown through its services provided throughout the years and continues to add more tools to its internet search engine. “Yahoo, is an acronym for, “Yet another Hierarchical Officious Oracle” (Yahoo. com). “Yahoo! was founded in 1994 by David Filo and Jerry Yang as a directory of websites. For many years they outsourced their search service to other providers, but by the end of 2002 they realized the importance and value of search and started aggressively acquiring search companies” (seobook).

Yahoo also has the usual search bar with the tabs of web, images, and video, local and shopping just like other web search engines. Other top competitors of Yahoo are, AOL and of course Google. Most information can be found on both Yahoo and Google but information may be different or in a different order between the two websites. Yahoo has a lot of advertisements run on their search engine and even shopping and dating located on its main page. Yahoo and Microsoft decided to merge last year which ended up becoming a negative for yahoo in the end.

According to ComScore, an internet marketing Research Company, “After Yahoo and Microsoft finally integrated their massive search technology and advertising partnership Yahoo’s explicit core search share in the U. S. had declined in December” (Windows news and tips). Yahoo also offers a directory for searching certain categories or subjects. It ranges from showing the searcher the top categories first and then a list of additional categories. Throughout the years Yahoo has gone from a text crazy, scattered information site to becoming more organized with where it sets its information on its website.

Yahoo has really progressed over the years. Also, when searching on Yahoo there will also be a list of headings that may be similar to your search which are usually advertisements. Yahoo may not be the leading search engine in the world today but it has a lot of great features and many views take advantage of the search engine because it is very beneficial in many categories. One very unique comparison of both Google and Yahoo is that they were both founded by two university students.

Google was founded by Sergey Brin and Larry Page. (Wheelen 2008). Yahoo was founded by David Filo and Jerry Yang (Yahoo. om). Both Google and Yahoo profit when users click on any of their ads on their search engines. When searching on both Google and Yahoo for something one may get the same search results on both search engines because generally the most common and relevant information is what is going to pop up first. Although, the information may not be in the same order on both search engines and Google may have more results, the vast majority of the main search criteria will show up on both search engines. They get this information by tracking what other searches may have been searching for.

The more that a subject is searched for on the web the more common the results for a search will be. Both Google and Yahoo are highly profitable websites that make their money off advertisement. When searching on either search engine you will also find sub headings or sub searches either below or on the side of your original search. These heading generally will have some key words that the searcher has put in the search bar and are usually an advertisement or selling of some sort. There are many differences between the Yahoo and Google that makes them unique against one another.

For instance, Google tends to take a better look when making a search; it filters out nonsense information where as Yahoo will particularly focus on a certain word and bring up searches that may not be as relevant as the searches brought up on Google (Helium). Also, when making a search on both Yahoo and Google one may notice that there is a lot of identical wording when making a search on Yahoo, but on Google you can find a variety of sites to search from. Another huge difference between Yahoo and Google over the past 5 years is their earnings per share.

Google comes out at a positive mark where as Yahoo is in a negative standing throughout the 5 years (Google Finance). Google has a profit margin of 28. 80 and Yahoo has a profit margin of 16. 42. This goes to show that Google is highly valued. Google continues to overcome Yahoo by a lot. This also just shows that Google is much more profitable that Yahoo. A rather funny difference between Yahoo and Google is their main page set up. Google has had the same main page forever whereas; Yahoo has had to make some changes to make it better understanding and user friendly.

Yahoo used to look like a bunch of scattered information put on a page but now it has cleaned up pretty well. Google’s revenue for the September 2010 quarter was recorded at 86. 64 per share and yahoos was only recorded at 4. 74. This statistics show that Google has a higher ranking in earnings for its search engine website over Yahoo. It is a higher valued and revenue search engine than Yahoo brining in a lot more money. When seeing the actual value coming out of the search engines it just goes to show that the popularity of Google really shows in its quarterly earnings.

Google is shown to be making the most profits out of any search engine available on the web (Google Finance). Taking a better look at both search engines and researching history and present gives a better understanding of the possible future of these search engines. Google has progressed more and more throughout the years over any other search engine. Yahoo is doing pretty well with developing and changing the look of their search engine to be better suitable for its viewers however its other competitors are not far behind.

I think that if Yahoo takes a better look at all the values of Google and determines where Yahoo might be able to stand out better this could be beneficial to Yahoo in the future. Unless Yahoo comes to some greater standards and finds ways to raise profits and revenues it isn’t going to stand a chance next to Google even in its future. Running analysis and research like these gives an approach that would make Viewers realize the competitive difference and choose wisely when making their next click.

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