Blended Families Analysis Essay

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Today more and more couples are divorcing and then getting remarried. Blended families are becoming a very popular thing in society. Blended families are not easy to contend with because of jealousy, control issues, resentment and much more. Today the term Family is spread out into a group of people who are living together and are experiencing life together, therefore we have several different types of families. Families have a set of routines and/or traditions, for example, visiting certain family members on the holidays, or even following a certain daily routine.

With a blended family it may be harder to get everyone to work together as a family. From the time our children are little they are constantly learning, they are constantly watching their parents and mimicking the people around them, this helps them to learn the social skills that are necessary to be able to interact with people in society. Children learn from discipline if things are right or wrong. When we fail to discipline our children they also learn from it and in the long run the lack of discipline can cause our children to not be able to thrive in society today.

When blending a family it is a very important thing to realize that everyone’s role within the family changes. When you first bring the step- family together everyone is trying to figure out where, how and if they fit into the new family. Sometimes children don’t believe that they have a place or they may think that someone else is trying to take their place. These types of feelings may cause a child to act out. It is very important to teach our children good values so that they feel have something to strive for and we need to teach them what is acceptable and what is not acceptable.

If children that are part of a blended family are physically or emotionally abused in the household they tend to grow up and treat people the way that they were treated. The first several months and several years of a person’s life are very important, because this where they are impressionable and their experiences from this time help to develop how they will deal with things later on in life and help them with how they act in the future along with how they make decisions. Structure and social norms with help shape a person’s behavior.

Children that come from blended families have a tougher time with everything in their lives. If they feel that things are not going well within the household they may tend to lash out at everyone around them, to include school. Research has shown that children that come from blended families will grow up and not be able to have a healthy relationship and then the cycle just continues on and on. Children tend to behave in ways very much like their parents, it is up to the parents to teach children right from wrong and help them to become a valued member of society.

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