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Baby dumping? What more can we say about this. Almost every day the news about baby dumping fill the space in newspapers. For me it is a worst behaviour and the people who do this same like an animal. Even animal also have a feeling of love toward their child. Where is their feeling when doing this annoying action? Did they do not have feel pity for the innocent baby? Their own flesh and blood so, who should be blamed when this happen? The couple? Parents? Society or the baby?? For me, everybody should be blame (except the baby). Why? Ok, now I will discuss it in detail.

How we can prevent it effectively The first people should we blame of the couple itself. As we can see majority of the people who do this is Malay, which are a Muslim. As a Muslim, we should follow the guide and rule that provided by Al-Quran and As Sunnah. In my opinion, couple is not wrong, as long, we do not overstep the Islamic principle. As we know, youth today are too emotional and fanatic with their couple. Their lover is ‘everything’ in their life. “You are my life”, “you are my soul”, “you are my heart” and many more saying to show their love.

When they are in deep love with their lover, the illegal thing will become legal for them. They will life such as a married couple without any guilty. This thing should be prevent early. Here, I want to address to the women for not believe their boyfriend 100% and give him everything (especially your body). Even he promise to married you, please do not give yourself to him. Remember that, if you do it you not only ruined your future and honour but also your family. They will be shame with the immoral thing that you are doing. Moreover, for men, please do not take advantages on women to enjoy you.

What is your feeling if it happens to your daughter in future or to your sisters? Of course, you will be shame and angry right? I also sure that you do not want a “second hand wife” right? So, please think deeply before you do it. Remember that Allah is always seeing and know what we are doing. We can see in many cases once the women is pregnant, the guy will not want to take this responsibility. Then most of them will say, “It’s not my baby”, or “My financial is not stable to get married”, and many more excuses in order to refuse the responsibility.

So, who will responsible to the baby? Now we can see that the “burden” will be leave on the women’s shoulder. Maybe, they tried many ways in order to abort the foetus. If they are, fail to do so, once the baby is birth they will throw away the baby even in the drain. Usually the excuse that they will give is they will be shame to grow up the baby alone without husband. The question now is when they fornicate with their partner do they have a feeling of shame??? Please, please and please avoid fornicate. As a Muslim we should take care of the prestige of our religion.

We also should not overstep the limit and should know how to control ourselves. Besides that, parents also contribute to this problem. Why? It is because as a parent they should play their role properly. They should always keep watch over every movement and activities of their children. They also should have knowledge about their children’s friends. What is the most important is they should provide their children with tough Islamic education. Be a good role model to them. Nowadays, we can see that many parents are busy with their career.

Some of them do not spend enough time with their family especially with their children. They also trust their children 100%. So, when the children get a trust from their parent they will feel free to do anything. They also will seek a partner to share their problem and to get more attention and love. It is because they do not get enough attention and love from their parent. Therefore, when they are too close to their couple, it is not impossible for them to do the immoral thing. Once the parent get know that their daughter are pregnant they will dissipate her.

Usually they will say, “I shame to have a daughter like you. You are not my daughter anymore!!! ” I think many of us usual heard this script in drama or movie right. In fact, it is actually happen in our life. In my opinion, they, as a parent who is the people who are really close to them, they should advise and give guidance to their children. They must show them the right path. If they dissipate her, who will care about her? Once they have deliver birth, most of them are dumping the baby. It is because they do not have a place to support and nobody can give her guide about what is right and wrong.

So as a parent, they should always observe every step of their children and provided them with Islamic education. Beside the couple and the parent, society also contributes to this problem. From our surrounding, we can see that when the society get know about the woman that is pregnant without married, most of the society will flout and boycott her. Have they thought that they also contribute to the pregnancy? How this thing can happen? This can happen because when the society saw a couple do an immoral thing they just make do not know only.

They like allow the couple do that. When they see, a couple are trying to do an annoying thing they should stop and give them and advise. As we know, Islam has organized a principal of “amar maaruf nahi mungkar”. Why not we apply it in our life? It will become a part of our responsibility to prevent this problem from becoming a “cancer” that will destroy our Muslim generation in our society. Besides that, they can cooperate with Islamic organization by report to them any immoral behaviour that happen surrounding them. So that we can control this problem from disperse widely.

So, we can conclude that when everyone play their role effectively, we can handle baby dumping problem from becoming more worse . We, as a Malaysian, which majority of us are Malay and Muslim, we should concern about this problem and handle it seriously. Take care of our Muslim status so that other religion will respect us. If we cannot handle this problem properly, they will have a bad impression about Islam. To the youth, please do not influence with westerns culture. All of them are the agenda to mislead us as a Muslim. Baby dumping…. avoid it…

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