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Geographically the area is within Maryland United States. It is one of the areas in the United States that has the highest number of educated people and a vast community which consists of all types of communities, blacks, whites, Latinos and others. The area is north of Washington DC. It has an apt infrastructure and comparatively aloof environment and people. It is an important business hub with various very important companies being established here.

The police are very committed to protecting people and the security apparatus are functional despite the rising crime rate. The problems Stereotyping Women and gender equity There has been stereotyping cases and the gender equity question has been ringing often warning of impending socio-corporate problems. However the area has espoused change and addressed such nascent issues. Women have become exemplary pillars in socio economic attribution making tremendous gain through project management and implementation of supportive policies.

Political accession and reigning of draconian male chauvinism aspects of governance and strongly standing up against stereotyping and sexism has brought the woman to the helm of both management and leadership making Montgomery a much more democratically diverse community and a hub of human rights respect and demographic evaluation. Argumentatively the position of the Montgomery woman today is invaluable and much more of a stalwart than an irrevocable socio figure whose value is based on values of family and children rights and pretensions in context.

There has been a great shift of religious assertions about women recipient nature and embracing religions as the optional mask to stifle her ambition. But the emergence of great female preachers has projected the American woman as Avery aggressive and assimilative personality with dynamic ambitions and diverse values. Academician Roy Lawrence argued philosophy on religion makes the women past encounters in religion as their option due to their oppressed lives.

But women have brome very active religious leaders and have performed quite formidably and made gains in making religious communities. Eunice M (2007): World Vision women and children position in American religion. A case study on American women by World Vision Tremendous gains in academic work and admirable heights of diversity in performance as academicians project the American woman as a clever and outstanding student who has a much dynamic brain and assymetrical view on her role as an important social figure.

Women power evolved through the early broadcast and spread through the media through projections that assertively depict a woman as a pivotal aspect of socio life and socio economics. This dissects the sexism and stereotyping aspect of male dominance and draconian supremacy over women, hence bring out a complex dogma about the prowess and hidden truths about women abilities and insights about leadership through education and promotion of gender equality through knowledge. Weeks, J. (1985) “The Meaning of Diversity”, Sexuality and its Discontents: Meanings, Myths and Modern Sexualities, Routledge & Kegan Paul: London.

Gender equity prompted revolutionary academic movements in individual women who subsequently feature as better academicians than the male hence more academically productive and downplays the essence of male value in academics. The notion espouse the integration of women in academic policies and have developed the woman skill to impart similar teachings through lecturing and the diversified writing and virtually giving the woman a much revered position in the society. Women have increased their presence in the academic field through espousing education and performing exemplarily.

Their representation in academic institutions both as academicians and the guardians of academic virtues in these institutions has increased their representation in the socio economics and academia making them pivotal parts of the society on national level. Over the years this has been growing into a massive representation and recognition of their efforts and purpose has given them leverage in decision making, lobbying for women rights and projecting their position as very important and equally academically sharp forces to reckon with. Disability

The general perception about the disabled members of the society is that they are virtually unfit to proffer services and contribute to socio economic aspirations of the community. Besides, the insight by a huge chunk of the integral unit of the society is that disabilities have limited value and purpose capacity which defer gains and progress in enlightening the disabled about their vast abilities and their moral authority to convene and proffer sustainable macro-economic attributes and assertions to the general society. Complexity in having comprehensive insights on disability is based on virtual reality.

Lack of completeness in a human is not by default scientifically, but a biological theory which cannot be faulted, hence should be viewed only as part of human genome crisis rather than a problem within and on the person who has this factor. Lack of enlightened socio stature is the faulty basis of the general perception on disability as complete incapacitation to participation in normal and diverse human activity. In Montgomery each individual in spite of his physical condition is accorded respect and rights without discrimination.

This is literally though also the legislation is commensurate on the same and openly asserts that should violation of rights occur one should seek legal redress as soon as possible. Also notably is the effort o help these people, this is through creation of opportunities for them and identifying their high performance and lows in terms of their feelings, active roles in their social-economic life. Social integration and freedom to mingle share and express while showing the skills and intelligence in the disabled will expand the perception of goodwill and support structuring of the community needy.

Healthcare The facilities within and around have not sown improved healthcare provisions and the public debate is for how long they have to seek better healthcare services from outside the county. The most notable of the dilapidation of the County healthcare system is the Prince George County healthcare. The impoverished Prince George’s County health care system has long been a thorn in the side of state and county officials, but Dimensions Healthcare System management through the president of the institution have established an open dialogue to reach a temporary solution to the system’s problems.

Most patients have opted to go to other medical facilities rather than the existing ones citing poor service provisions and inefficiency on the part of services offered at the local facility. Through addressing this problem improvement and renovation will foresee the upgrading of this health a facility and improve on the areas health productivity and importance so as to have reliable and efficient healthcare which serves and indiscriminately offers medical and healthcare to all the members of the county.

This is through participation of the business community, the companies and new players and the existing social structures including the already functional homes and hospitals so as to have a vision and a reality based objective, policy and plan in place. With such a broad perspective and support in place implementation will be strategic and all inclusive though the intrinsic burden will be on the project and its mentors Crime According to the youth gangs crime agenda, “Over the past several years the County has witnessed a significant rise in youth violence, particularly gang related incidents.

The agenda also noted violence within the youths and rising rates of violence within the county in general are indicative of a rising trend in youths. The sentiments shared by members of the community are that youth violence must be addressed and the source of the problem be rooted out. Suggestions are that there is a funding of crime within the Montgomery County and efforts to root out the founders and masterminds have been formulated. The dress code, which can be found on the school’s Web site, consists of a white polo shirt and navy bottoms that cannot be too tight, baggy or low-waited.

There may also be no head coverings except in cases of religious practices, and students must wear their ID badges visibly at all times. The authorities have an enforced dress code but a lot of people wear different coloured bandanas to represent what gang they are in, even though it is not allowed. The dress code, which can be found on the school’s Web site, consists of a white polo shirt and navy bottoms that cannot be too tight, baggy or low-waited. There may also be no head coverings except in cases of religious practices, and students must wear their ID badges visibly at all times.

Most of the female gangs come from other schools like Eleanor Roosevelt and Park dale. This problem has gone notches beyond the levels projected within the police research. However the police department continues to update crime statistics and addresses through thorough investigations the onset of crime and establishing any connections within and about the gangs. Suicide Due to the diverse nature of education complex perception about life and dimensions of life have become physiologically immense and have adversely affected the physiological; well being in the community.

Naturally, frustration based on joblessness is the major cause of suicide in the region. High numbers of qualified graduates who are part of the larger elite society who form one of the most highly educated caboodle in the United States have been depressed due to joblessness. This has significantly contributed to the rise in crime. This is notable in more metropolitan areas of Montgomery. To address the problem, the county knows of specialists who have made available counselling service online and on phone where the issue is addressed cognitively and indiscriminately.

The factors that have also contributed to these cases include joblessness and over ambitious personalities who are getting frustrated after failing to identify jobs and finding employment. Sociological implications are addressed here using principles so as to avert a major crisis of physiological problems. Through doctrines of social organisation change these as seen through the principles of Rothman are practice models which typically use concepts to formulate and synthesize the profundity of organizational insights and ideologies towards the objective of the organisation in principal and necessary change in context.

Basing the perspective on fatherhood organizations there must be change so as to level with environmental and social shifts and implications which are also changing. The need to look into organizational change is improve on efficiency, capacity and achieving organizational goals. Lack of community efforts The diversity of the community in the area generally has created apertures of social disintegration. Montgomery County community has a rich background and this leads to the disintegration of social cohesiveness due to various personal interests within the community.

However this is being addressed by a cooperative community effort in Montgomery County. It seeks to consolidate interests of the community through involvement of each unit of the society. Community efforts through the auspices of organizational change are meant to pummel social integration and increase productivity in all sectors of community development. We see there are a number of NGOs within the region who advocate for community empowerment and capacity building. This is a concept developed to correlate community values cohesion and family ethics.

Integration of social ideologies through community organization disseminates social value cohesiveness and supports the continuity of upholding social values. Coyle 1930: Social Process in Organized Groups. (pg 121) Community organization is social organization constituted of a conscious effort by the community to control its affairs freely and subsequently secure high values by means of interrelations. Lindeman 1921: (pg173). This offsets the stigma of malignant social values trod-ding and incepts espousing of the vitality of the latter. Education problems

Within the community dropouts and voluntary refusal to learn has become notable though in negligible figures. However the issue of crime related to scholars is becoming very alarming. Student gangs are reducing the level of proficiency in the youths and the manifestation of violent crimes within both metropolitan and cosmopolitan Montgomery County is not very encouraging in context. The teacher’s parent association umbrella is addressing the problem through a joint venture where parents have to individually advice and counsel their children and warn them of capital punishments within the Montgomery County resolve.

The parent teachers association was not coordinating earlier until school gangs and urban crime escalation became somewhat significant. Apart from such a level of education problem Universities in the region are also harnessing efforts to contain increased youth indulgence in irresponsible behaviours like intimate sexual relations, drunkard ness and drugs. Sexual harassment and drugs by young adults and youths This is associated with the increasing crime rate. The young urban adults are much involved in vices degenerating socio values in Montgomery.

Adverse implications on urban environment and the youths are diverse. Health, financial ability and future ability and to be responsible parents, and productive and discipline oriented personalities whose children and other members of the society can emulate and reckon upon is now questionable and beyond reasonable doubt not possible. All these problems are related to social cultural and economic transformations. Socio cultural and economic transformation has been developing through various economic phases which are part of the diverse development.

The transformations implication affects the society subsequently drawing conflicts. The social conflicts are profound and based on diverse interest. However the repercussions are grossly worrying with the rise in crime and immoral youngsters reining the social circles. Drugs, gun wielding and totting teens are now a commonplace place scenario, dead armed robbers are the same youngsters and the decadent rapists and social misfits are the progenies. These are irresponsible humans who will be perpetually unable to perform as important and role models within the society.

Health wise, the youth have become victims of dangerous infections including the AIDS pandemic and other sexuality transmitted diseases. The number of prevalence in these canal diseases have increased to the extent that the youth seem like failed lab specimens. With such an irresponsible youth the question is how well and safe is our youth and society? Religiously the youth have failed to identify with important religious doctrines and values that espouse morality and conserve sexuality as a private and sacred right that only needs and is qualified as faculty only within certain maturity clusters and family institutions.

Montgomery has about 800 churches and the youths seem sceptical about identifying with them. Socio cultural transformation has been developing through various economic phases which are part of the diverse development. The transformations implication affects the society subsequently drawing conflicts. The social conflicts are profound and based on diverse interest. According to Machiavelli 1948 and Hobbes 1947 tendency towards conflict is a basic element of human nature.

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