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Derived from Newton’s first law of motion, this quote relates the process I went through to arrive at the most important decision in my life. Choosing my lifelong career was one of the most crucial decisions I have ever made. Since I was a child, I have always believed that medical field was my predestination. As a child of a doctor, I was always convinced that I will be a doctor myself, perhaps performing surgery or diagnosing A(H1N1).

To fulfill the qualifications needed of a doctor, I worked hard in the past to obtain good grades. I was consistently at the top ten of our class. Among awards I received include ___________. I also joined extra-curricular activities in school to enrich my personality. As a future doctor, I knew I needed to be exposed to different kinds of people, especially the common ones who struggle everyday with the conditions of life. Through program services our organization provided, I learned more about the growing medical needs of the people, among them are dental services, which are sometimes limited to those who can afford to go to a dentist regularly. Witnessing the demand for dentists especially for children, I developed interest in the field, and opened up a new possibility apart from my family’s expectations.

Before realizing my calling, I shadowed doctors and worked at a hospital. This experience led me to realize that the medical field was not the right choice for me. I loved interacting with people but did not enjoy the long hours of duty.  Feeling the void every time I went to work, I then looked into my possibilities in dentistry, and discovered that the work of a dentist appeals much more to me than that of a doctor. I then shadowed and worked with a dentist, and realized that my interest and dedication lie on this field. Now my foremost goal is to be accepted in a dental school in order to learn the required knowledge and skills related to the profession.

When my father found out my decision to take up dentistry, he was very disappointed, and even opposed the idea. However, I explained to him my great desire to help people work out a good smile, and my unrelenting interest in the field. I believe that by providing services to the people, I will not only make their teeth look good, but make them feel good as well because by having clean and nice teeth, people will avoid further complications, and make a good impression during their dealings with others.

My objective to help people in my own way will not come true without the help of professionals in the field who can teach and guide me to develop the skills needed for the profession. For this reason, I seek your approval for admission to your prestigious school, and vow to be an asset in your school’s campus by doing my best in all academic as well as extra curricular activities. With your guidance, I know I can reach my goal and make the world smile with pride.

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