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A Christian nation is a group of people whose political arrangement is solely based on Christian faith and foundation. America has had much debate whether it is a Christian based nation, but is it really? Or is the fact that it might be one of the Christian nations true.

A country as described by geographers and linguistics is an area, which has a certain population, and this population is under certain governance mostly political so some say it is a country based on Christianity but is the nation based on Christianity. The Israelis while heading for the Promised Land were a nation but they had no country they could call their own. (Carl Pearlston)

Most churches claim that America is a Christian nation since during the late 13th century the Europeans set out to find the new world and while doing so enlighten peoples their own Christian ways and expand their congregation for their religion. (Gary De M, David J. B 12)

It is also said that the founding father that most were Christians wrote the Declaration Of Independence based mostly Judea Christian values. This can be seen even in the currencies and the Ten Commandments in the high court showing that the laws were based on that. That is also why before any session in any Congress or Senate the chaplain leads prayers. (Carl Pearlston)

An old philosopher once said that while writing the declaration of independence the founders of this nation used the Bible as the manual for this nation or like some sort of handbook of instructions and guidelines. (Farrell Till)

But then again ether philosophers say the United States had its foundation on secular ides. They say it is true that the enlightenment was used to spread Christianity but that was only because it was a directive by the leaders of Europe at the time. Some people like Columbus said they were sinners and were only doing it since they were called to do it.

It also realized that according to the United States constitution it is stated that America is not a Christian country in the sense that there would not be a state church similar to that in England. (Farrell Till)

In fact in the whole of America’s constitution there is no mention of Christianity, the Bible or even Jesus Christ. The only mention of religion appears twice and as the founding fathers wanted not to be biased the only mention the creator as a figure in religious context that would be accepted by all religions that exist. (Farrell Till)

They agree that yes the founding fathers wrote the laws based on Christianity but that just meant they had a consensus in using Christian laws in the founding documents but did not a certain that America is a purely Christian nation. (Gary De M, David J. B 33)

The founding fathers wanted Christian values applied and they were taught for many generations with pride but with the diversity of people they were lost. But also on the flipside bad things happened in our history but those against America being a Christian nation claim that they were caused by teachings of the Bible or Christianity.

So in both side there are weaknesses but just as the constitution depicts there should be equality of all religions in a country on its people but should leave them the right to chose just as God left us to do for ourselves.

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