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Abstract art expressionism is mostly known as the experimental, free expression, nonrepresentational painting marked by spontaneous expressions. Abstract became and intuitive painting technique producing a non-formal work of art characterized by non-symmetrical lines. Abstract Expressionism is not only a term used to describe a form of art; it’s also a New York school of painting recognizable by free spirited created abstractions. Abstract Expressionism later became the first important school of American painting to develop independently of European styles and techniques of art.

This was a form of art that entered the natural world of impressions and expression that intriguingly set aside and held itself apart from any other form of art which caused a generational shift for art in America. Abstract expressionism artists were the central figures of the new movement in American art of this era. Their visions were difficult because they were the idea of defining new artistic visions. In the beginning artists had to endure much criticism because abstract art formed an idea to the public that was strikingly complex.

This form of art sparked a sense of anxiety and urgency in their paintings, which was a feeling Americans could identify with. This movement of a new style of art hit the scene of New York after the World War II. Most artists of this time, at the end of the war era, were looking for a sense of renewal and rebirth lead the artists searching for a way to step away from the more traditional styles of paintings. Artists were also searching for a way to convey their new vision. Inspiration was drawn from all directions where individuality in the art subject was valued.

Abstract expressionism was created to express subconscious thoughts through the gift of art expressionism. This process was important to the painters. How they choose to paint the art was the same importance as the work in itself. Abstraction has been influenced by mental existentialist ideas which emphasized not only the finished piece however the process the artists went through to create the final painting. -Purpose: To discover the introduction of abstract expressionism in America -Questions: How did abstract arise in the creative world of art history in America? There are also several different types of abstract art.

What are they? Also did Americans respond to abstract art easily in the early ages of its development? How Abstract Art arose in the art history of America. There was a rapid growth of art fascism in Europe that developed a wave of immigrant artists to the United States in the late1930’s which gave Americans a greater access to ideas and practices of modernism European art. During the time period of the 1940’s and early 1950’s are commonly described as heyday of abstract expressionism. Once the formal innovations of modernist art begun in the middle of the 19th century, it became a head in explosion of paint in the studios of New York City.

World War II developed a profound effect on many artists. Most struggled visually to express their experiences and understanding of a radically transformed world. The up-coming of the New York School reflects the broader cultural shift from Europe to America as the center of intellectual and artistic innovation in the West. Abstraction Expressionism’s significance stems from its status as the first American visual art movement to gain international recognition. During the depression there were two main art movements, surrealism, and regionalism however those particular movements did not satisfy the active artists.

The Government created relief programs, which helped unemployed Americans and this allowed many artists to begin a career in art. The artists saw the dark side of man during war and the vulnerability of the human race and wanted to show this concern throughout their work of art. Soon after the war, there were even more direct contact with European artists and the surrealism form introduced more possibilities with their ideas about the subconscious style of painting. A large influence was the newly accessibility to access European art. In 1929 the Museum of Modern Art opened and there was an increase of venues to where art was shown.

The artists apart of the abstract expressionism in America began to experiment with forms of art in many different ways. How Americans responded to Abstract Art in the beginning. After the World War II America was no doubt placed in a moral crisis. A crisis filled in a world of shambles, slowly being destroyed by the great depression after a powerful World War. During this time it was impossible to paint the kind of paintings that were traditional and accustom to by Americans. Artist of New York City dealt with much rejection and criticism to a point in time when the credentials establishment of an artist’s credibility was a debate.

Artists were torn in their independent artistic objectives by the pressures of war and society that caused for political art in America. In the late1940’s was a time period of the American struggle. This was a time where art and politics, were a development of a significant movement. Abstract Expressionism in America came from circumstances, desires and needs of the period, to represent the visual political, economic and psychological shift in America’s population. Abstract art challenged the original notions of art in bringing emotions, and subconscious, to the attention of art in the public eye.

Legitimizing the abstract movement in America seemed to be difficult. Ben Shahn offered a valued explanation of abstract expressionism in 1951. He believed artist should retreat into their studios and concern themselves with the aesthetics of art rather than the political revolutions. Supporters of abstract expressionism won ultimately over critics. Also main figures within the abstract movement nationally and internationally gained acceptance by the end of the 1950’s. Different types of Abstract Art. Abstract work of art comes in several different forms.

Abstract may be three dimensional, sculpture figure or two dimensional, it still falls under expressionism main types of art. These types of art are categorized and representational of abstract, or non-objective. Abstract expressionism is a place in the world of art to which has nothing to do with reality. An abstract finished piece has an outcome that looks like something that’s meant to be in reality of the conscious mind something different. Every artists involved in Abstract form of art develops an individual style that may become often times recognizable as evidence of his or her artistic gift placed upon practice and contribution.

Action painting is one of the main key elements of the abstraction form of art. Action painting refers to a physical act of paining, and is best illustrated by looking at Jackson Pollock’s works. Jackson Pollock approached his art directly, without any plans of action. He threw out the idea of using paintbrushes to apply paint. Pollock’s canvases of art were on a large scale in size strictly due to he wished to use his entire body to create his art, not just his arms.

Many critics during this time misunderstood the entire abstract expressionism paintings and did not agree to accept it as a real art. The Abstract Expressionism movement is most closely linked to an individual tranquil painting form of art. Most Abstract paintings are on a large scale, that includes non-objective imagery, a lack of clear focal point, showing the visible signs of the artist’s work in process, but these characteristics are not consistent in every piece of abstract work of art. Some artists during the era and examples of their abstract expressionism portraits are listed.

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