hibitions are held in many districts by the government. The Aligarh exhibition is very famous. I along with my brother went to see it.There was a great rush of tongas, motor cars and rickshaws. There was noise as well as dust. I saw a large number of tents outside the exhibition.They belonged to the officers and richmen. They were fenced. I went along the road which was sprinkled with water.We reached the gate of exhibition. It was 4 o’clock in the evening. As we went in, we saw shops on both sides of the road.They were very beautifully decorated. Items in the shop were put in a tempting manner. Roads came from all directions and met at this place. Under a small tower stood the policeman, to control the mela.We reached the centre of the exhibition ground. Many people were buying things from different shops. We went along the roads in different directions and returned to centre again and again.At the end of each road, there was a semi-circular yard. It was surrounded by veran­ dahs. In the verandahs there were fine things of art and uncommon things.There were many things made by the school boys and girls of different schools. We passed along them. We were pleased to see pictures, toys and models.There were rows of shops. On one side there were cloth shops. On another there were copper, brass, silver and nickel pots.On another side, there were things of toilet like soap, oil, socks etc. On another side there were furniture and other household things made of wood.We also saw a good stock of shawls, blankets and carpets. Glass bangles and articles of imitation gold were being sold at one place.Outside the exhibition ground, there were jhoolas and other amusements. There was a well of death and small shows of lions and snakes.There was a large tent where all kinds of agricultural instruments and models were put for show. We saw them very carefully.Then we went to the food shops. At one of them we ate some sweets….