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1. What distinctive aspects of LLU School of Dentistry are particularly meaningful to you? LLU School of Dentistry is well organized in matters relating to both clinical care and research. One attractive thing to me about LLU School of Dentistry is that it has a center dedicated to dental research. I am interested in research, especially parts relating to microbiology and molecular genetics. At undergraduate level, I took a general microbiology course which made me develop an interest in this field. In future, I want to further my research about microorganisms in pathogen in oral system and how to heal about the oral pathogen at different conditions.

2. What personal attributes make you a desirable applicant at Loma Linda University? First, I do possess some leadership qualities. In this respect, I was the first president of rock band student organization in University of Minnesota, Crookston. I managed to shape the direction of this group even under challenging circumstances. At the beginning, it was hard to cover even the easiest songs as we were all beginners. However, under my command, all members got harmonized and eventually we were able to hold performances severally. Sooner than later, we gained popularity in college to appoint of receiving an Outstanding Musical Service Award. My experience in leading an organization will be of vital importance in providing leadership in this challenging field.

3. Please describe experiences you have had in a dental setting (i.e. working, volunteering, observing, etc.) As a foundation of this career, I took Dental School Preparation Course at University of Minnesota, School of Dentistry. This course provided me with a didactic and manual dexterity experience in dentistry. As part of my practical experience, I have carried out drilling, crown restoration, impression, diagnostic cast, wax up, and fabrication of bleaching tray. As a pre-dental club member, I participated in ASDA session where I carried out drilling the no.19 tooth and filling it with amalgam. I have also done drilling on the no. 12 tooth and filling with composite. I also shadowed several dentists in implants procedures and orthodontic procedures. In addition, I have witnessed root canal procedures teeth extraction procedures being carried out among other basic procedures being carried out by general dentists.

4. Write the details of your spiritual origins and development. I owe my current spiritual orientation to my friend who first invited me to a Korean Presbyterian Church of Minnesota where I attend my services up to date. In this church I attend to Timothy which is a group of young men who conduct a bible study on every Friday in addition to attended Sunday service worship. During my first days of attending this congregation, I had little know how on how to worship. However, as time went by, and through my continued study of the Bible at Timothy, my belief in God became stronger. In Timothy, I studied the Bible and discussed messages contained in it with other group members. This activity impacted positively to my belief in God in addition to uplifting my spiritual well being.

5. Discuss how your spiritual experience has influenced and been integrated into your daily life and the choice of your career. Christianity is a religion that has a strong foundation on matters relating to love and caring for one another. These aspects will act as strong drivers of my career where I will offer my service to other people who are in need of my help. Even though the idea of becoming a dentist as a future career developed when I was still a child after I underwent a maxillofacial surgery, my present spiritual base will make me a better dentist. In addition, my involvement in church activities has put me in a situation where I have gotten involved in volunteer community work. Concisely, I now perceive medical services as a good fulfillment of word of God.

6. How do you plan to fulfill the mission of Loma Linda University as a student and then alumnus of the School of Dentistry? As I mentioned earlier, my involvement in church activities has created a new view of the purpose of living. My undertaking of dentistry career at Loma Linda University and the later service in the community will be embedded to the true mission of this school. As a student, I will involve myself to the cause of finding a solution to the current problems facing dentistry field through research. In this case, I will research about relapse after open-bite surgery and someday I maybe develop a permanent solution for relapse and contribute knowledge to dentistry society. As an alumnus of the school, I will keep in touch it the University by being a resource and encouragement to the young students. I believe this is the only way we can keep the mission of the school alive.

7. Describe your use, past and present, of alcohol, tobacco, and drugs. Being a youth comes with various temptations. This happened to me when I was in college where I became hooked to smoking for one year. In addition, I used to take alcohol for fun but that was before I started going to church. Fortunately I was able to overcome these two habits especially so after my involvement in church activities. Luckily enough, I have never involved myself in use other abusive drugs. My knowledge of God and his teaching has become a firm ground where I can no longer sink to any form of drug abuse.

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