Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Contribution in Building the Modern India Essay

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Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel is one of the Most Popular Leaders of India who is respected by almost every one in India,He was one of those Leaders who participated in the Freedom Struggle Actively and has contributed a lot in Building the Modern India,Mostly he is respected by us Indians because of his contribution after the Independence.

He is one of the Followers of Mahatma Gandhi who always shown his Faith in Mahatma and followed his path till he lived,Sardar patel actively participated in Champaran,Kheda Satygraha’s and in almost every Movement which is led by Mahatma Gandhi. But as i said he is More popular because of his work after the Independence of India,He was the First Deputy PM of India. We have shared some of his Words on Various occasions.

Sardar Patel was considered to be a statesman of integrity with the practical acumen capable of Solving any problem.Once Mahatma Gandhi Said to him “the problem of the States is so difficult that you alone can solve it”. He was the person who merged more then 550 Princely Ruled States in the union of India but still some of the large states were missing and Sardar patel wish was that they must Join the union of India.

Junagadh and Patel-Junagadh was located in coastal area of Gujarat which was the Home state of Sardar patel,Although Junagadh was far away from Pakistan in every aspect and it was almost impossible for pakistan to rule their but as it was an state ruled by an Muslim Prince,the Prince agreed to join Pakistan but about the Majority of Population was Hindu about 96% which created an huge problem for the the Prince and also the one of the most important Hindu temple was Located in Junagadh,But later due to an Mass protest against the accession of Junagadh to pakistan,Later Sardar Patel Sent the Indian Army to occupy Junagadh.

Hyderabad and Patel-Hyderabad was one of the biggest Princely ruled state in India,but the Muslim Nizam ruling Hyderabad didn’t agreed on Merging the state with the Union of India,Later Sardar patel ordered the Indian Army to Attack on the States and to occupt it to merge it with India,the Indian Army successfully occupied the State in the Operation polo(Name given to the operation).

Lakshadweep Islands and Patel-The island was undoubtedly cut off from the Main stream India and they got the news of Independence of India Days Later the 15th August but as The Majority of Population was of Muslims there was an chance that Pakistan can claim the island on the ground of Population but the problem was that it was far away from Pakistan,But to save the Island from pakistan, Sardar patel sent Indian Navy their to Hoist the Indian Flag on the Island,later it’s claimed that pakistan Navy attempted to capture the Island but they returned after seeing the Indian Flag on the Island.

Kashmir and Sardar Patel-He always played an important role in merging the states in India,and he was too aggressive regarding this but in case of kashmir he waited till the kashmir Rulers agrees on the merging of states with the union of India,Later he payed an important Role and helped the Defense minister Baldev Singh in arranging the troops and managing them in kashmir.

He played an important role in the Constitution assembly too,and it’s believed that Sardar Patel was the person in appointing Dr. Ambedkar as the Chairman of Drafting the Constitution Assembly.

One of the Great Leader of India.

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