In the article entitled “Russian Intelligence Gathering in the United States”, the author was able to clearly announce the topic as well as his/her intention in writing the article in the introductory part. The readers are able have a glimpse of what the article has to offer by only reading the introduction. The author was also successful in engaging the reader’s interest to read the whole article. What is engaging about the article is the topic itself.

Espionage or being a spy is a catchy topic especially to the youth. The article also poses a probability of having spies in our community that attracts the interest of the readers. We can see that there is a clear sense of purpose throughout the writing; to open the eyes of every reader to the possibility of having spies in our community and to act accordingly. The writer was able to educate the readers about the history of espionage in the country and as well as the present condition of the state regarding the matter.

Cases of espionage where important classified information were leaked out to the Soviet Union were also stressed out together with the factors that contribute why even American citizens turn to Soviet spies. The operations and tactics of spies were also discussed together with the shortcomings of our community in dealing with them. More importantly, the consequences of espionage were discussed using real life experiences in our history. When it comes to presenting the desired solution, it can be said that although the author was able to present the solutions effectively, it still needs to be fixed.

It is an effective way to list the suggested solutions to the problem and discussing them. However, I believe that the solutions presented lack details and too general. All the sources are integrated in the article with the acknowledgement. They are effective in such a way that the credibility of the author and of the article as a whole is established. They prove that the information listed or given by the author have basis and come from reliable sources. They also serve as a guide in cases wherein the readers have questions or wanting additional information.

Although it can be said the author did a great job, it can also be said that there are some things that could have been done in order to improve the paper. As mentioned earlier, the solutions suggested by the author are too general in nature. It would have been better if the solutions are more specific and detailed. There are also other areas that need additional information. For example, it would be better if there is more information on how the spies lived, the normal and unusual parts of their lives.

What Russia has achieved and what the United States had loss due to leak of those classified information should have also been given more attention. I can say that the assigned reading is responsive to the assignment. The article tackled issues concerning the business industry and its role in the nation’s problem regarding espionage. Applying the solutions mentioned by the author will also help in the development of every industry since they will learn to pay attention not only in areas that are directly affected by their business but in matters of the state as well.

Matters such as espionage do have an effect in the economic state of a country, although not directly. Overall, I can say the article is a success. Although there are things that are lacking in the paper, the author was able to inform the readers about the necessity of handling information properly. The author was also able to incorporate his/her ideas of solution to the problem that our nation is facing and the importance of cooperation between the government and the private sector in dealing with espionage.