ESL Entry Level Writing Requirement

Satisfaction before entering UCLA (1)
1. Transferring 2 college-level freshman English comp courses (NOT ESL courses) with a grade of *”B”* or better IN *EACH* COURSE.
**Students may still be held to take the ESLPE by Admissions**

Satisfaction while at UCLA (3)
1. AWPE (*1st yrs*) determines where student should be placed (can pass out of ESL ELW requirement)
2. ESL Placement Exam (ESLPE, *transfers*) – can pass out of req.
3. Passing English Comp 2i or ESL 35 with grade of “C” or better

AWPE Satisfaction Class Placement – *1st yrs* (2*)
1. English Comp A -> 2 or 2i
2. ESL 33B -> ESL 33C -> 2i
**If the student is placed into ESL 33A, it’s impertinent to take in the Fall.

ESLPE Satisfaction Placement – *Transfers* (1)
1. ESL 33B -> 33C -> 35
(or they passed out)

*NOTES* (3)
1. If they didn’t place out of ESLPE, then they’ll go to ESL 33B, 33C , or 35
2. Must move through sequence and finish ESL 35 (for transfers) and EngComp 2i (for freshmen) with a grade of “C” or better
3. These courses require a *MANDATORY* grade of “C” or better and count fully for graduation

When should students complete this requirement?
ASAP, preferably before end of first year.

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