Equality, Diversity and Rights in Health and Social Care

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One of many benefits from living in a multicultural society is that there is a wide variety of foods that are available all over the world. Some of the types of the food that have been brought to the British Society by different societies are Chinese, Thai, Indian, Italian, and French; these are just some of many. If we didn’t have any of these different culture foods then we would be stuck with the simple British food for example Sausage and mash, fish and chips, and the old traditional roast beef.

To many service user’s this would seem boring and unhealthy if that’s all they had the choice of was the British food which they have had all their life. The health care professional should recognize the importance of different types of food from different cultures when planning the service users meals, but also asking the service user what they like and what they don’t so they have the choice instead of the health care professional going in and saying right Mrs Smith this is what you are having tonight if you like it or not.

Asking the service user gives them the right to have what they want to eat. Also having

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an understanding for different foods from different cultures is helpful as if you as the health care professional had a service user who believed in a religion and have to follow and pacific food preferences for that religion. British food may be out dated, but some service user’s particularly older service users prefer the simple British food because it is all they have known and don’t want to try any of the new food brought in from different cultures.

Without discriminating older service users, there will be other aged service users who will also like the simple of the British food without all the exotic vegetables and spices. Now being a diverse society we have to cater for everyone including the different cultures, specialist diets or specific food preferences. Another benefit from living in a diverse society is the access we have to a range of “The Arts” and traditions from around the world. Many galleries and museums now feature or display exhibitions that reflect the heritage, beliefs and cultures of many different societies.

Now a days there are things such as theatre or cinemas, which offer insight into other cultures. Cinemas are now offering films originating in other countries. As a health care professional “The Arts” can provide helpful by showing insight into the cultures and beliefs of other societies. It can also help to understand the needs and wants of the service users from backgrounds different than yours. Knowing and understanding “The Arts” is a good way to understand and appreciate the difference.

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