Environmental science: Resource Management

Resource management
Using resources without depleting them
Maximum sustainable yield
The amount of a resource that can be harvested without reducing the amount of future harvest. Goal is to keep the population at a steep curve
Ecosystem based management
Harvesting resources in ways that minimize the impact on the ecosystems that provide them
Adaptive management
A customized approach resource that has been developed through, SCIENTIFIC TESTING
Even aged
A condition in timber plantations in which all the trees are the same age AFTER CLEAR CUTTING
Uneven aged
A condition in timber plantations in which trees are all different ages AFTER SELECT CUTTING
Clear cutting
A method of harvesting trees in which all trees in an area are cut at once
Seed tree approach
A method of harvesting trees in which a small number of mature and healthy seed-producing trees are left standing so they can reseed an area that has been logged
Selection system
A method that results in uneven-aged trees, only some trees in a forest are cut at one time
clearing a forest for another land use. Late 1800 and early 1900
Old-growth forest
A forest that has never been logged
Multiple use
A policy that states that the national forest must serve a number of uses
The large-scale plantings of a single crop
Prescribed burn
Process of setting a fire to an area of forest under carefully controlled conditions, IS SET BY HUMANS
Salvage logging
The removal of dead trees following a natural disturbance. 2003 restoration act
No clear cutting
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