Entertainment Marketing Midterm

Define Entertainment Marketing
Entertainment marketing consists of techniques and strategies developed to sell tickets (elicit payment) for activities that amuse and involve us
Define Experiential Marketing and give two examples
Messages designed to increase a purchase intention for a product or service through the fusion of activity with brands. One example is Sephora where the products are on display to test and trial and you can stay as long as you would like in order to experience what there is to purchase. Another example is Apple where they also have their products on display for users to try with no commitment to purchasing.
Define Madison-Vine approach to Entertainment marketing include two examples
a term that has come to represent the merging of advertising and entertainment in an effort to break through the clutter and create new avenues for reaching consumers with more engaging messages. One example is Sex and the City where they are advertising to the consumer on a deeper level than just a commercial; women identify with these characters, and if high-fashion designers advertise through the characters, selling a lifestyle, thus they reach the consumer on a less biased and more influential level. Another example is America’s next top model where CoverGirl is very closely related to the show. Lots of missions involve CoverGirl and even some commercials during breaks are for them merging the brand with the tv show.
Define convergence marketing and include 3 examples of strategies.
Mixing, matching and molding content, media and
advertising. Three examples would be the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, the super bowl, and the Olympics all entertainment events heavily reliant on advertising throughout.
Based on our Manifest Event Project, come up with two memorable elements that will make the event unique
Two memorable elements would be to give the event a theme and another would be to include social media such as a photo booth that connect to instagram and an associating hashtag.
Define “venue as servicescape”
A hybrid of performance and experience venues,
marketplaces and consumption sites are built environments called servicescapes (by consumer researcher John Sherry) examples are Retail superstores, Concept stores (Apple, REI), Destination malls (Mall of America in Minnesota)
What are the 3 most important elements in venue design and management? explain in detail
We are visual and tactile creatures; it’s in our nature
Aesthetics is a sense of beauty we experience through our
Design thinking and strategy: aesthetic & functional design
Cross-pollination of elements
Architectural elements and design contribute to the ultimate
Lifestyle store (Anthropologie)
Replica construction (Rainforest Café)
Furniture importance (The Living Room)
Convenience and safety (parking, clean bathrooms, etc.)
Define entertainment audience and include an example
A group of people that comes together in one place to give attention to an entertainment experience. An example would be concertgoers going to see a Rihanna concert at the United Center.
Describe the target audience of
Ray Charles-
Taj Mahal-
All is Lost Movie-
Lego- The target audience of Lego are boys and girls between the ages of 8-12 who enjoy building, creativity, imagination and learning.
Ray Charles- His target audience would be older people between the ages of 40-70 who are music lovers who appreciate piano and a unique entertainment experience.
Taj Mahal- The target audience is travelers who appreciate architecture and beautiful landscape.
All is Lost Movie-The target audience is adventure lovers who enjoy independent films with a unique filming technique.
What is a target segment and what is a market niche? explain the difference
A target segment is The subgroup of the larger market chosen as the focal point for a marketing program and advertising campaign. Market niche is Relatively a small group of consumers with a
unique set of needs and the willingness to pay a premium price to a firm that meets those needs. Target market is more broad than market niche because with market niche it is directed towards the people who have a very specific need.
. What is a value proposition?
Statement of functional, emotional, selfexpressive,
and social benefits that are delivered by the brand and provide value to the customers in
the target segment
What is a situation analysis and what are the elements?
refers to a collection of methods that are used to analyze information it consists of SWOT, industry and category trends, PEST, completion and consumer behavior.
Define SWOT analysis and explain when it is used and why
SWOT analysis is strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and it is a simple but useful framework for analyzing your organization’s strengths and weaknesses, and the opportunities and threats that you face. It helps you focus on your strengths, minimize threats, and take the greatest possible advantage of opportunities available to you.
Develop SWOT Analysis for Netflix
Strengths- Well known brand, original content and extensive content, easy accessible
Weaknesses- Cost to obtain new content, cost of subscription, difficult to raise cost of subscription, makes users mad
Opportunities- Always more content to add, more original works, international expansion
Threats- Other services such as hulu, amazon prime, youtube, etc, price to get new content
Define holistic branding. Include and explain an example of a holistic brand
Consistent, Message, Shapes, Rituals,Traditions, Symbols The five senses have been fully engaged. An example would be Christmas, its sights, sounds, tastes, smells, touches and textures are all unique to the branding of the holiday.
Pick your favorite three entertainment brands you did not know before this class and describe its entertainment models and marketing tactics
Joel Osteen-
Joel Osteen’s entertainment model is very unique in the way that he entertains in a church setting. He took a very ritualized and not incredibly entertaining idea and turned it into basically a large performance. He draws in massive crowds and has loyal followers who enjoy is modern take on the church setting. His unique personality and approach to the church going experience is completely different to anything anyone has done before which adds to his marketing success. I find the concept of how he operates fascinating, preaching to thousands in person and many more through technology such as television and the internet. He has created his own empire through this.
I knew of Dubai but I was not aware of the incredible amounts they have done in construction, promotion and marketing to make it a desirable location to visit. They have made countless new buildings with very unique architecture, one of the largest if not the largest mall in the world, a unique palm tree shaped island. Dubai is a city that is mostly desert and they have transformed it into a unique place unlike any other. They have used promotional techniques such as the brochure seen in class, advertisements, social media and word of mouth to show what an incredible place Dubai has become. The marketing tactics were very impressive and elaborate.
Anthony Bourdain-
Anthony Bourdain has used his rough and tumble appearance, language and actions to build his media career centered around food and travel in particular. His entertainment model used is to approach the scenario with a no nonsense approach not caring about what he says and who it is to. This gives him his own unique edge and defining characteristics that make him so entertaining. His marketing tactics are using his personality as a way to draw people in. He is able to speak his mind which is not done often and appeals to viewers.
List 10 steps in campaign development
State the problem and campaign objective
2 Conduct a situation analysis
3 Conduct a SWOT analysis
4 Characterize a target audience
5 Determine the brand positioning strategy
6 Structure campaign objectives
7 Allocate budget
8 Select promotion mix
9 Develop message strategies
10 Set evaluation criteria
Explain the message development process
Messages have 3 functions…
Always ask:
Is the message actionable?
Is the message easy to understand?
Process – integration is key
1. Target audience segmentation & analysis
2. Communication objectives
3. Writing objectives (see formula in the textbook, p. 264)
4. Action objectives
5. Management plan of all strategies & tactics
1. Manage the brand
2. Manage the media
3. Manage the execution
Define promotion mix and describe its elements
A specific combination of promotional methods used for one product or a family of products.
Public Relations
Corporate Public Relations
Sales Promotions
Direct Marketing/Direct Sales
Event Promotion
Come up with 2 marketing ideas on how to promote the Shakespeare Theatre in Chicago
With the expansion of the Shakespeare theatre I think it would be beneficial of them to promote this new unique concept of moving towers and how it can change to create different types of venue experiences depending on the event. Another idea they could use is by promoting it in a more modern way to younger people, an example would be modern renditions of classic Shakespeare plays.
Who was PT Barnum and what were his accomplishments? List and explain at least 2
PT Barnum was an American showman and businessman who was popular for arranging unique acts of human curiosities. He marketed himself and his acts in a unique way where people felt as though they were seeing an act that was worth paying for. Two of his most successful acts were Commodore Nutt and the siamese twins. Many of his acts grew to be incredibly successful. He was known as the king of advertising with his innovative and impressive advertisements.
What is the Turin Papyrus and why is it important?
The Turn Papyrus is an ancient Egyptian papyrus that is known as the “first pornographic magazine.” It is important because it was thought to be a form of entertainment in ancient Egyptian culture.
What is branded entertainment?
Branded entertainment is entertainment content that is funded by the brand itself and created by them.
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