Enlightenment Thinkers and Leaders

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Enlightenment Thinkers and Leaders I think that Mary Woolgathering was most influential. I think this because she was one of the first women to take a stand for women rights. Not only did she stand up for women rights, she fought for equal education and equal treatment of all human beings. She really emphasized that men and women should get their education based on reason and not gender. She strongly believed that men should treat their wives as equals and not property. She also believed that women should be given an equal opportunity when they try to get a Job.

So overall, I feel Like Mary was a very Inspirational and Influential woman. The three natural rights that I think everyone should have Is pursuit of happiness, freedom to love, and liberty. I think the most Important thing today Is that everyone should have freedom to love whoever or whatever they want. People have always gotten Judged so harshly for what they choose to love or the people they choose to love. During the Enlightenment Era. There were many different thinkers and leaders.

Some of those thinkers and leaders that started to get the idea of freedom and less strict religion were John Locke and Benjamin Franklin. John Locke believed that people were born good and that we were all given natural rights by God, but people obviously weren’t. People were forced to believe certain things, act a certain way, and to love or worship things they might have went against. Benjamin Franklin really didn’t like slavery and thought that people should use common sense and reason to make decisions to guide a persons life.

I think he wanted to Just get people to start doing what they wanted, in a civil way, and to get them to stand up for their rights. The first enlightenment thinker was Thomas Hobbes. He supported the idea of a strong government that was based on reason and he really emphasized that the government should be based not off of religious faith, but of reason. Then a little while passes and a man named Voltaire came along. Voltaire thought that all things should be explained logically and reasonably, they shouldn’t Just be based off opinion or what the government thinks.

He also fought against intolerance, tyranny, superstition, and strict religion. The last enlightenment think was named Simon Bolivar. Simon believed in a strong central government that should be divided among the different branches of the government. He believed in giving power to the people to vote, but only if they were properly educated on how the political process worked. He also encouraged all of the countries in Spanish America to Join together as one nation to guarantee prosperity ND security.

Over the period of the Enlightenment Era, there were many other thinkers and leaders that all thought somewhat similar. It seemed as the years went on, people started thinking more about freedom, peace, and equality and not so much towards strict religion and government. Even today, there Isn’t 100% equality and some people still do not have full rights, but I believe as the years go on, people will be able to more free and will be able to love whoever or whatever they want.

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